How to tell if Foster Care is really for you

Don’t set yourself and the child up for failure. Know what types of children you have experience with and what types of issues you can handle. If you’re smart mouth 12 year old nephew makes you crazy you can pretty much figure you will have major issues dealing with a smart mouth 12 year old strangers child. If you know a baby that cries a lot pushes your buttons and makes you a nervous wreck then a baby who has been exposed to drugs and alcohol might not be the right match for you.

Are you open to having your own children exposed to the experiences other children may bring to your home? This could be anything from cursing and stealing to sexually acting out.

Can you love a child for the short time they are with you and trust CPS to make a decision to return the child to the parent who abused or neglected them? Bottom line is you are there to make a difference in the child’s life while the parent’s are hopefully getting their act together. You need to have your mind set that most likely this child being in your home is temporary and this is the way the system is supposed to work.

If a child’s religion is different then yours, are you open to allowing that child to continue to practice their religion? This is important to some children especially children from other cultures.

Are you willing to open your heart, love a child and show them what real unconditional love is regardless of their ability to thank you or to show you they love you? Some children won’t allow themselves to love their caregiver because of some kind of misguided loyalty to the biological parent.

Just be honest and real with yourself and the others you are working with. There is help if you run into a situation you can’t handle, you just can’t be afraid to ask for help. No one will think any less of you or think you aren’t capable of handling the situation. On the contrary, they will respect you and trust you more for knowing when to ask for help.