How to Teach your Teen Time Management to get to Work on Time

Time management is one of the hardest lessons to learn for a teen, procrastinating and letting everything slide is usually how its done, especially when there is no direction or routine. A teenagers life can be very hectic with school, friends, extracurricular activities and a part time job.It can sometimes feel that 24 hours in one day is never enough!

Time management is about change and is really more about self managing instead of time.Here are some tips to help get your teen managing their time:

HAVE THEM PLAN THEIR DAY- Have your teen get an agenda so they can plan out and schedule their days, this will help them to get organized and help them to put their life into perspective. This way they will know what their going to do and when they are going to do it. Be sure to have them schedule in emergency time, special events that may come up and or any thinking time that they may need,so they don’t feel bombarded.

A “TO DO” LIST- Very important! A “TO DO” list will literally save their hiney. By having a “To Do” list they will know what they have to do and when to schedule it for. It will keep things in perspective and there won’t be no forgetting.

DO IT NOW- Procrastination will get your teen nowhere. If a project is due in two weeks, why not have them start it now and have them schedule and dedicate themselves to a half hour a day. That way by the end of the two weeks not only do they have quality work but they feel a sense of accomplishment without worrying about getting it done at the last moment! This is also a great way to help keep their stress levels low.

THE WORD “NO”- Lets face it some teens just have a real hard saying the magic word “NO”! Its really easier said then done. Their friend wants to get together? “YES”, the year book committee needs their assistance? “YES”, can they work an extra hour? “YES”. Learning how to say “NO” and balancing our their life is not the end of the world and they need to realize that they are only human too. They simply cannot say yes to everything everyone wants them to do.

PRIORITIZE- Sit your teen down and ask them what is most important to them. Being able to differentiate between NEED and WANT are two very different things. The key is not to prioritize whats on their schedule but to make their schedule their priority in life!

We’ll never be able to change time or make more hours in a day but when it comes down to it, we can manage our time, and for a teen that may seem like mission impossible however it isn’t. Have your teen make a plan and stick with it as this will surely save their time and their sanity!