How to Teach your Teen Time Management to get to Work on Time

It can be hard to make a teen want to go to work on time. Of course, they have no problem meeting their friends or getting to their sporting events on time. These are things they enjoy, so they are more motivated to be on time. However, parents must make teens realize that work is just as important.

Many teens have hectic schedules. Sometimes it can be difficult to find time for everything, especially work. This is where friends and family have to step in to teach time management skills. With just a little work, teens can learn to manage their chaotic schedules with ease and still have some valuable down time.

~Be A Good Example

Parents try to make sure their teens hang out with the right people so they stay out of trouble. After all, teens are easily influenced by their environment. If the parents set a good example, then the teen is likely to follow suit. Parents’ schedules look no better than their child’s. When a teen sees how their parents organize their schedules, they will learn by example. If a parent is always on time to work, or even early, a teen will want to do the same.

~Be Involved

Ask your teen about their schedules and activities. Help them decide what to do and not to do. If you’re involved in what they do, they will be more likely to come to you for advice on how to plan their day. This is the parent’s opportunity to teach their teen how to better manage their time.


Parents should teach their teen to create to-do lists to better organize what needs to be done. From there, parents can teach their teen the importance of finishing the list now instead of later. Procrastination can be like kryptonite to time management. Also, a to-do list may make it obvious that a teen has far too much on their plate. This is the parent’s chance to teach their teen to say no when they don’t have time. If an important project is due, a teen shouldn’t feel guilty about saying no to going out with a friend. Being able to prioritize is vital to good time management.

~Stick with Routines

Routines are great for teaching time management. Once the teen learns to stick to routines, they can better manage their time. Routines teach teens to be on time and get things done early instead of last minute. With routines, teens are less likely to over extend themselves, which equates to better time management. As things change, they will be able to create new routines with ease.

Parents can teach their teen time management skills easily. Simply be a good example and spend a little time getting to know more about your teen’s life. Despite what they say, they really do want you to be at least a little involved. Teens that learn time management skills have no problem getting to work on time now or in the future. Time management skills are important in all aspects of a teen’s life and will stick with them as they transition into adulthood.