How to Teach your Children to Respect you

Children by nature learn from their environment. What they see and experience every day is reflected in their development and behavior at every instance.

It is often discussed that when a child is raised with respect, they learn to respect. Giving respect to a child results in them knowing they are appreciated, that they are valued. This grows with the future adult, and is invaluable.

Parents of children who are respectful reap the greatest of rewards. Simply thanking your child for being well behaved on an outing, or for putting their toys away shows the child that they will gain positive attention for deeds well done. In turn the child will echo the behavior of the parent. How sweet it is to hear the words “excuse me please” from the lips of a child barely able to pronounce them. So much effort put forth. A child needs attention, if the child learns to get positive attention by being respectful there will be no end to the love and respect shown to others.

Any behavior that is displayed by the parents will be picked up by the child. Display respect, expect it in return, and reward it.

What should be discussed more is self respect. If you wipe your hands on your own clothes, your child is bound to wipe their greasy little fingers on everything.

Every parent should treat themselves with respect. Eat three meals a day. Don’t expect to get away with just coffee in the morning and give a good reason why your child should finish their breakfast.

More importantly a parent should never take abuse. Not from anyone. Especially not another parent. If a man treats his wife with disrespect, how will that man’s son treat his mother? How can a child respect a parent who allows someone to treat them poorly?

As a parent one needs to show respect toward everyone. To our families, ourselves, our partners and friends, people we encounter every day in public. Thank the waitress for the food she brings, wish the teller a nice day in return.
Nothing makes someone smile more than a sweet little child using their manners.

My daughter knows that. Its how she scores compliments, treats, and positive attention. Give that kid an adult to please and she’ll turn them to mush.
I think the most impressive thing she’s ever done was return a one hundred dollar bill she found on the floor. The woman in line ahead of us had dropped it, knowing it was not hers, my daughter picked it up and tugged on the lady who dropped it “excuse me, this is yours”.

Teaching your child to respect everyone will teach them to respect you even more. Teaching your child that you respect yourself will teach them respect for you, and for themselves. This is so important.
A keystone to life, and the foundation to positive parenting.