How to Teach your Child the Skills Needed for Academic Success

The beginning of a new school year is rapidly approaching, and you are wondering what you can do to help your child succeed academically. Don’t worry. You don’t have to do their homework for them. Instead, teach them the skills they need for academic success.

Goal Setting

The first thing you will need to do to prepare your child for academic success is to teach them how to set goals. Start by asking your child what he wants to accomplish during the school year. Explain to your child that the things he named are called goals. Next, grab a pen and some paper. Write these goals down on paper. Discuss the strategies he can use to accomplish these goals. Next, put his list of goals in a place where they are visible to both you and your child. Go over these goals often throughout the school year. Check off each one as your child achieves it.

Consistent routine

Establish a consistent school day routine. Have a designated time for your child to do homework, to take a break, and to go to bed. This will help your child know what to expect and when to expect it. It will also teach them to effectively manage their time.

Time management

Time management is a vital in a child’s academic success. Help your child learn how to manage his time. Start with a consistent routine. This will help keep your child on track and on time. Also, invest in a simple pocket chart. You can purchase these at any teacher supply store. Hang one in your child’s room or in their designated study area. In the clear pockets, list the activities for the day and time that they are to be completed.

Encourage questions

Encourage your child to ask questions. Even when his questions seem trivial, encourage him to ask them anyway. Don’t respond negatively. Listen to what he has to say. This will motivate him to farther question his environment and foster critical thinking.

Get in the learning habit

Get your child in the learning habit. Begin by working with him a few weeks before school starts. Purchase workbooks or design your own simple lessons. During the summer months, encourage your child to read and to identify any new vocabulary words that he may encounter. Discuss the books he is reading with him. This will show your child that you are interested in his work.

Critical thinking

Help your child learn to think critically. There are several different activities that you can use. Logic puzzle are great for teaching critical thinking. Logic puzzles present your child with a problem and then requires him to come up with a logical solution. Brainteasers can also be used to promote critical thinking.

Creative Writing

Use creative writing to prepare your child for academic success. Creative writing requires the writer to think critical. It is a response or a reaction to a particular topic. So, how do you get your child to write creatively? Give him with a variety of writing topics. Ask him questions that require him to think critically. Then, have him respond to these questions in writing. Expose him to various works of art and present him with a different hypothetical situation. Have him respond to them in writing.


Teach your child to be organized. This will help your child keep up with his belonging and important deadlines. Assign a designated spot for him to store his school supplies. Get him a large calendar of a daily planner on which to list important dates and school deadlines. Help him organize his school binder so that he can easily find his school work. And, make sure that you have established a consistent routine for school days.

Give your child an academic head start this school year. Prepare him for success. Establish a consistent routine for school days. Show your child how to organize his schedule and his assignments. And, teach him how to use critical thinking to solve problems and succeed in class.