How to Tandem Feed Newborn Twins with Bottles

Sitting in your rocking chair, your baby on your arms, you are bottle feeding at three in the morning.  Watching your baby slowly suck on her bottle you drift away into sleep and jump awake.  You know you cannot drift off again, you just want to get this feeding over with and the thought of another baby waiting for a feeding makes you cringe.  There is a way to get it done faster.  There is a way to tandem-feed newborn twins.  Yes, it is possible. 

Safety First

No matter how you choose to feed your babies, there are few key points to keep in mind.  Make sure the babies’ backs are at least 30 degrees elevated and their spine is straight to avoid reflux and ear infection.  Support your back by leaning back against the wall, sofa, or a headboard to avoid crouching and back pain.  Make sure your babies cannot roll off.  Keep your eyes on your babies at all times in case they choke.  Holding both bottles with your hands is the safest choice.  If you decide to build a U-shaped support, make sure your babies are comfortable and keep your eyes on them in case of choking.

On the Floor

Lay a blanket on the floor and two pillows on top of the blanket one foot apart.  Place your twins on each pillow.  Place the bottles next to the blanket.  Sit in between two babies facing them.  Your legs parallel to their bodies.  If you have two bouncers, you can also place the twins in each bouncer.  Hold both bottles to feed.  Pick one twin at a time to burp.  Feeding on the floor is perfect at night feedings.  The hard floor and being away from your bed will help you stay awake.

On the Bed

Place the twins on the bed, two feet apart this time.  Make sure there are two pillows and bottles at an arm’s reach.  Sit in between the babies with your back against the head board, facing the twins.  Bring the pillows closer and lay them diagonally on each side, it will look like a downward arrow with your legs as the base and the pillows building an angle.  This way of placing the pillows will support the babies and avoid them from rolling away from you and potentially off the bed.  Lay twins’ upper bodies on the pillow and hold the bottles with each hand.

On the Sofa

First, this will only work on long-seated sofas.  The seat must be longer than the babies’ lengths.  Sit on the sofa as you normally would.  Place two pillows on each side and lay the babies with their upper body on the pillow.  Feeding on the sofa is perfect when watching TV. 

Wish you could feed your twins in tandem and have more time for a nap?  Now you can.  Save the single feedings for a more awake time during the day so you can enjoy the bonding time with each baby.  For other times, choose the most comfortable tandem-feeding option for you and your twins and get more sleep for the time you save.