How to Talk to your Teen about Prom Safety

Prom can be one of the most exciting nights of a teens life. It can also be one of the most dangerous. Parents have many concerns about this one night and they rightfully should. There are many different ways to talk with your teenagers about prom safety. Teenagers are rebellious and are going to do things their own way at times, but it is a parents job to discuss the dangers with them.

First of all make sure the topic is taken seriously. The dangers that can be lurking around every corner are not a laughing matter. Sit down with your teen in a comfortable setting and have a “grown-up” discussion with them. Many topics are taken jokingly by kids. You can have small talk and a few jokes to break the ice, however the talk needs to be taken to heart. They need to have a good time during this expensive occasion and the need to be safe while doing so. 

The most obvious topic to talk about would be alcohol. Your teen knows that drinking is against the law and that they should not do it, however peer pressure is hard to overcome. Make sure that if your teen drinks, they know that they can call you. Drinking and driving results in an enormous amount of fatalities.

Alcohol and teens are an explosive mixture that should not accompany any night, much less prom night.  There are other alcohol related dangers that they should be aware of also, such as alcohol poisoning and even teen pregnancy.  After a person starts drinking, their inhibition’s are lowered and sometimes they do not realize when they have had enough. This can result in sickness or in death. Pregnancy should be brought up in this topic due to the lowered inhibition’s. Teens may not realize what they have done until after it is too late.

The next item that a parent should talk about with their teen is drugs. This topic is just as important as the one mentioned above. Marijuana is not the only drug that parents have to worry about anymore. All types of drugs are being abused by teens and your child needs to be informed of the dangers. Prescription drugs are being abused now more than ever. Overdosing, arrest, lowered inhibition’s, bad decisions are all examples of scenario’s that could happen due to abusing drugs.

The last topic to talk about would be sexual intercourse. Prom night is known for sex. Girls and boys alike need to be made aware of the dangers. Telling a teen not to have sex is asking for trouble. Instead, talk with them about the dangers of sexual intercourse. Dangers can include items such as teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and even date rape. 

Prom night is full of dangers that parents need to discuss with their children, even if they think they know better.