How to Support your Pregnant Partner during the third Trimester

The third trimester is here, it is an exciting time as the special day of meeting the new arrival is looming. However, it is a demanding time on the Mom-to-be, as the body is making the final preparations, and the strain can be felt. Mom-to-be is most likely feeling exhausted and achy, and is in need of rest and pampering to prepare for the big day. It is essential that she is well rested and cared for during the third trimester, as the body needs to be prepared for labor.

Here are some tips on how to support your partner during the third trimester:

• The final trimester

The third trimester is a trying time on the body, all the changes that have occurred so far will intensify. Mom-to-be may become more agitated, as her hormones are all over the place. She is also going to be feeling tired, as she is carrying a lot of weight, and the body is going through major changes to adjust ready for childbirth. This is an exciting time, but a nervous time for many women, as the thoughts turn to giving birth. She needs support more than ever, and an understanding partner that can help her through the final trimester.

• Nesting

As the exciting day is nearing, it is time to prepare the home for the new arrival. Mom-to-be needs to feel ready and prepared, and wants everything to be right. This should be a joint process, and a happy time. Give help and support and share this time preparing the home, and getting ready for the new arrival. There is a lot to do before baby arrives, as the home needs to be cleaned, tidied, and organized. All of the baby equipment needs to be ready for use, and it is a good time to read up on how to use all the equipment in preparation. Meals can be prepared ahead of time and frozen to stockpile nutritious meals for the early days, where time will be at a premium.

• Pregnancy body changes

The changes that have already occurred will be more apparent now, as the body is making the final preparations. This is a wholly demanding time on the body, which can leave her feeling a bit out of sorts at times. Her hormones will be all over the place, which can alter her mood. Be patient, understanding, and comforting. The extra demands can leave her feeling uncomfortable. Be attentive to her needs, and give support where possible. Try to help her feel comfortable, extra pillows can offer support. Show patience and care, and be understanding when she seems unreasonable. Her behavior is likely to change, as she is carry a lot of weight, and her body is going through many radical changes.

• Massage to ease pregnancy aches

The third trimester can leave her feeling achy and uncomfortable, as there is more strain on the body. It can be difficult for her to find comfort, and she can become agitated and restless. To help ease the tension and soothe the aches give a gentle massage paying particular attention to areas that are causing distress. Use gentle strokes without adding too much pressure. Always check if massage oils are safe to use during pregnancy. Unscented body lotion works well, and it can help to ease sore stretched skin as well as helping to give a soothing massage. Gentle massage can help to relieve discomfort and help her to relax. It is important that she has plenty of rest ready for the big day, so provide as much care as possible to ensure that she is well rested.

• Help prepare for the big day

There is a lot to prepare for the big day, the house and all the baby equipment needs to be ready. Help to share the responsibilities, and ask if there’s anything that can be done. There will be many important jobs that will help her to prepare for the final stage. She needs to feel ready, and getting everything done will help her with this. Ensure to be supportive and help where needed, some of the tasks might not seem important, however, they are to her. Preparing the home for the new arrival is an essential part of being ready. All these tasks will save energy when the precious baby arrives, freeing up time to concentrate on caring for baby.

Let her know that she is wonderful, and that you are there to support her. Put her mind at ease, and ask if there’s anything that she would like specifically, and if there’s any particular support she would like during labor. Expectant mothers worry about labor, and how they are going to cope. Let her know that you are going to be by her side, and will help her through in any way possible.

Be supportive, caring, and helpful during the third trimester. Help prepare for the baby together, and help her feel rested and at ease.