How to Stop Sibling Rivalry

It is extremely important to encourage bonding between siblings. When children get along when they are younger, they may be more likely to get along well as they grow older. There are various techniques that can encourage bonding between siblings.

Teach your children to treat each other kindly, suggests Psychology Today. This will help prevent arguments. You can teach them to praise the other when things go right and to commiserate when things go wrong. You can teach them to be there to support each other. These will help them develop positive feelings for each other. When one treats the other with kindness, he or she is likely to receive the same in return, and the entire family may be more harmonious.

You can encourage them to do special things for each other on special occasions such as birthdays. For instance, let them make each birthday cards or pick out presents from an early age.

Let them team up. You might want to play a team game with the parents on one side and the children on the other. It could be a board game or a sports game. When they are teammates, they can learn to play together. Even better, there are some games where there are no competitors but instead everyone works together to achieve a common goal. For instance, you can set up a scavenger hunt for your children. You can buy toys such as building blocks where they can work together to create something.

It is also very important not to favor one child or to pit them against each other. Try not to have them compete, especially for your attention. Make sure they understand that you love them equally so that they do not see each other as rivals.

You should also help them when problems occur. If they are fighting, work with them to create compromises that can help both. Put in a family rule in which they have to talk about problems in a logical way instead of fighting.

Talk about the importance of family and lead by example. Explain how important and special the bond between siblings is. Try to show that you have a positive relationship with your own siblings and family members. They will learn the importance of family.

Parents can make a large difference in how well their children bond with each other. Try a variety of techniques to encourage positive relationships.