How to Stop a Baby from Crying

When your baby is crying it can be emotional for you as a parent as well as for the child. You may feel anxious and stressed and want your baby to stop crying immediately. When you are a new mum you may not know how to comfort your child yet as you are only just starting out on your journey of getting to know your baby. The reason for a baby crying will vary and so it will depend upon the cause of the cry as to how to soothe your baby but below are some tips on how to help calm down a crying baby. 

* Check the obvious.
Firstly it’s important to check out why your baby is unsettled in the first place. Check if they have a dirty nappy or they are hungry, perhaps they have a temperature and are in pain. Once you have got to the cause of this crying then these moans can usually be sorted out quite quickly; a feed, a fresh nappy, taking off a layer of clothing and so forth but if your baby is still unsettled then you can find other ways to help calm them.

* Singing.
Babies like to feel as though they are not alone and are relaxed and so singing to your baby can have this effect. They will find your voice soothing and will focus on listening to it rather than crying. You may find yourself having to sing quite loudly at first to get their attention but then once they begin to calm down you can sing more quietly and in a more soothing manner which should help them to relax and stop crying.

* White noise.
When it’s quiet babies can become afraid. When they were in the womb they were surrounded by constant noises and so suddenly being put in a room where the noise is minimal can be very frightening. White noise can help stop this problem. White noise is background noises which we take for granted such as the noise of a the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine or the sound of wind outside. You can create your own white noise by plugging in your vacuum cleaner for a while or you can buy special light projectors which play white noise.

* Slings.
Slings are a great way to keep your baby close and yet free your hands so you are able to carry on with your jobs. This can really help your child to not cry as they feel safe and secure with you. A sling can also be used for feeding whilst you are busy so it can be a great investment. There are many different slings that you can buy and some charities enable you to try them out first so you can work out which is best for you.

* A bath.
Sometimes giving your baby a bath can help to soothe them. This may be because it is a different atmosphere so it distracts them from the reason why they are crying. Babies will be even more at ease in the bath if you are in the bath with them. The water and echoing atmosphere really helps to calm a baby down and helps them to relax.

* Walk.
It is amazing how quickly babies stop crying once they are on a walk! Strapping them into the pram may result in a few cries of protest but as soon as they have some fresh air and see scenery moving past them they will soon be distracted and stop crying. The combination of all the stimulation and the fresh air can also help to tire them out so they will be likely to relax and sleep too.

* Baby massage.
Giving your baby massage can help them to feel relaxed. The sense of touch releases a hormone which helps people to relax and so massaging your infant will trigger this hormone. It may also help if you have suspicions that your baby has colic as it can help to relieve tummy ache.

* Light projectors.
You can buy light projectors which project moving images onto the ceiling whilst your baby lies in their cot. These often come with music and white noise built into them too so they can often do more than one job; interact with your child and soothe them too. Your child can be entertained by the pictures moving above them and soothed by them and the music. This can be a great way to settle your child.

A crying baby is not something which parents enjoy and it can be a struggle to work out how to stop the cries. There are products on the market that can help you though as can some fresh air and a distraction in the bath. Remember though if you are concerned about your baby and the reason why they are crying then you should speak to a health advisor just in case it’s a more serious concern.