How to Spend Quality Time with your Children

When you are  a parent it is important to spend quality time with your children. Spending quality time with your children will not only make them feel loved and close to you but will also help you to understand and enjoy your children too. It has positives on both the parent and the child so it is important to engage in this quality time. How you go about this will vary depending upon your situation bu there are a few tips on how you can create quality time.

* Get rid of distractions.
As a parent you can find yourself trying to juggle several items at a time. You may be trying to run errands, carry out household tasks and play with your child but when it’s time for quality time it’s important to forget about the other things that you need to do. Don’t be distracted by the list of jobs you have waiting for you instead switch off from them and enjoy your time with your child. If you are distracted you won’t enjoy it as much and your children will be able to see that your mind is elsewhere.

* Become a child!
We spend so much time setting examples and behaving like a responsible parent but sometimes when engaging in quality time it can be very useful to get down onto the same level as your child and forget about your role as parent for a while. Don’t worry about messing up the room with toys or getting dirty in the garden, just enjoy having fun and remember what it’s like for a child to be so carefree. If you engrose yourself into the world of a child again whilst playing with your own kids then you will find that both your children and yourself have lots of fun.

* Listening.
Quality time doesn’t necessarily mean time spent racing around a park or playing with toys, quality time can also mean some quiet time where you and your child have the chance to talk. Get rid of distractions such as the television and sit down with your child in a relaxed atmosphre and ask them about their day, about their friends and other topics. This will help your child to open up to you which will strengthen your bond and will pave the way for later in life when they need to turn to you. It will also help you to know your child better and show them that they are loved.

* Vary the activity.
Children do become bored of the same toys or games and so when you are having some quality time with them try to vary it. You can find lots of things to do from drawing and creating things to cooking and baking to even just spending time sorting their room out together. If the activity is varied your child will enjoy it all the more and find it stimulating.

It can be difficult to find the time to devote to one to one time with children but you can do so by just setting aside a few minutes at a time. The result of spending quality time with your child has benefits for the family as a whole so it is definitely worth doing and worth doing well!