How to Show your Parents you are Responsible

How to Convince Your Parents of Your Responsibility

10 easy steps to help you through your teenage years, or your adulthood if you are young at heart. This plan should work if you want it too. If you don’t want these results, read on anyway. Enjoy!

Caution: these steps may backfire and may lead on to a life of crime. Consequently, you may end up in jail, get fined and depending on your country, even killed. Do not do any more bad things that exceed step ten. Read on if you dare to and only do this if you are brave enough and responsible enough to not do anything stupid and dangerous in your adulthood. This article is not serious so I advise you not to follow it out at all. Just read it and laugh. I would rather advise you to do the opposite and live a good life, obeying your parents etc. You will go a lot further if you do this and it is a better option by far. Read this anyway, it might be fun. Thank you.


Step number one: Mess up your room

Step number two: Lose your little brother in the bush for an hour and a half

Step number three: Run your parents car into a tree while practicing your driving

Step number four: Don’t study for any assignments

Step number five: Trip over the bag you left on the bedroom floor in step one and break your leg

Step number six: Buy a box of chocolates from the supermarket instead of the milk your parents told you to buy

Step number seven: When it’s your turn to cook dinner, buy party sausage rolls and place in microwave

Step number eight: Have a party at your house while your parents are in Melbourne for work

Step number nine: Wag school with some friends and go to the mall to shop

Step number ten: And finally, unsuccessfully try to convince your parents that you will learn from your mistakes and that they have no need to ground you

If you follow these steps, you are certain to find the results you need. Your family will not talk to you, you will receive consistently low marks at school, e.g. low D’s to high F’s, and you will have a great bunch of friends who share in your interest of graffiti, wagging and other horrible things you like doing, whatever that may be. If you are looking for results of more satisfactory kinds, you are looking at the wrong article. If this is you click on the next article and read that. You may find it a lot more helpful. If that is you, I don’t even know why you have read this far! If you plan to follow THESE steps, I wish you luck on your painful journey through your teenage years. It will not be pleasant and you will have a lot of enemies including teachers, goody-goody-two-shoes, parents, siblings and a lot of others. I certainly would not do any of these things but I just put it here for your enjoyment. I hope you really liked it and/or that it was very helpful.

This was a very fun topic to write on and thank you for reading it. This is the first time I have been on this great website so I sincerely hope that you will accept my work and rate it number one. I hope this article was very enjoyable for you.