How to Show Honor and Respect to our Children

There’s some adults in this world who believe children are only capable of lying, exaggerating, being hyperactive and getting in the way. I see that a lot nowadays on sitcoms and it’s dispicable! Children are capable of lots of things such as loving and taking care of people, expressing their feelings and following their dreams. Children are not to be just disciplined; they need to be listened to and treated with honor and respect as human beings.

I respect children deeply. Throughout my life they’ve taught me a lot of things.
Not long ago an 11-year-old taught me some of the ways to dribble a soccer ball with your feet. A 13-year-old told me about how people who have a message to deliver through writing can do it with deep sublimity. My own little brother when he was 8 told me different kinds of jokes and stories. All that I find simply amazing and wonderful.

There’s lots of ways to tell people you love them and when a child teaches me something, that gives me the message that he or she is expressing his or her love for me. Children need to know that it’s just as important to give love as it is to receive it. Some may be too shy to look into somebody’s eyes and say ‘I love you’. So they need to know there are other ways to do it and there are.

Teaching things, helping out, saying something encouraging and supportive, singing a happy song to someone or doing some kind of dance, drawing a picture
. . . there are lots of ways to say who you are and how you feel and you’re NEVER too young for that. The things children teach and have taught me is a heartfelt inspiration on my part. I will always be thankful for the kindness kids offer.

So please . . . when a child has something to say or ask, don’t cut them off by saying ‘You’re just a kid! What do you know?’ and ignore them. Related or not,
give them your attention and let them be heard. Offer your support and advice if they need it and if not, it’s valuable to a child just to have someone there to listen to them. It lets them know that they’re loved and cared for.