How to Select an Adoption Agency or Attorney

Many prospective adoptive parents seem to think that the cards are stacked against them in the entire adoption process and this perception makes them less willing to ask questions and make demands on their adoption agency or attorney. In fact, adoptive parents not only have the right but the responsibility to ensure that the agent that handles their adoption is the best suited to their needs and is acting within the law. The following are a few tips on how to select an adoption agency or attorney that can make navigating through unchartered territory a little less unnerving.

Do Your Research

Chances are if you are in the market to buy a house or a car you will have the proper inspections done and read up on the consumer reports before making a final decision. The agency that is about to handle your adoption process should go through the same rigorous scrutiny. You should ensure that the agency or attorney is properly registered to legally handle your adoption case and you should also look at their rating with the Better Business Bureau. By taking these precautionary measures you could uncover information that might alter your decision.

Compare Services and Fees

Not all adoption agencies or attorneys are equal in terms of the services they provide or the fees they charge. Don’t be afraid to ask how long certain stages will take and what the associated fees are expected to be to help make your decision. Some institutions and lawyers are better equipped to handle international adoptions and this might sway your decision while others may have a history of success in placing children with adoptive parents in a shorter time frame. It is important to identify what is important to you and then ask the questions that can get you closer to your goal.

Look Out for Red Flags

If an adoption agency seems to have fees that are way above those quoted by other agencies or they demand the entire sum upfront this should raise a red flag. Also, if an agency or attorney offers a guarantee of a child even before conducting an interview or a home assessment this should be a signal that all is not right. It is imperative to ensure you are dealing with someone that is operating within the law because failing to take these precautions could end up costing you financially as well as emotionally.

Talk to Others

Another way to get insight into choosing the right agency or attorney is to talk to those who have been through it before. This is a sure-fire way to get stories of personal experience and invaluable knowledge that can smooth your path to finding your new child.