How to Relieve Back Pain in Pregnancy

Many women experience back pain during pregnancy.  What causes backache during pregnancy?  Carrying a baby places much stress on your back.  The growing baby, expanding uterus and your heavier breasts all shift the centre of gravity, increasing the hollow in your back.  This gradually increasing strain will shown its effect on various parts of the back, and your back muscles will have to work harder to maintain your balance.  In addition, hormonal changes during pregnancy also cause softer ligaments and loose joints.  Your spine may start to change its shape to accommodate the expanding uterus.

You can take some useful measures to alleviate backache during pregnancy.  Some exercises can help to ease the back pain.  Try raising your arms over the head and lift your rib cage off the baby, breathing deeply.  Gently bend to a C-shape and stretch from one side to another.  You should avoid pushing your joints too far, it will be just right if you can feel a gentle pull in your back.  Do this exercise for at least three times a day.  Another exercise involves getting on your hands and knees.  Gently push your back outward like an arching cat while your hands and knees are on the floor.  Then recline to straighten out your back.  Repeat several times.  If you have upper back pain, roll your head clockwise in big circles slowly, then repeat anti-clockwise.  Next, roll your shoulders back and forth.  Repeat several times.

Good posture while standing and sitting can do wonders in alleviating or preventing backaches.  Avoid arching your back and sticking out your abdomen.  This will tax your back.  Stand with your body weight balanced between your heels and the balls of your feet, tuck your pelvis under, with shoulders back and chest expanded.  Sit up straight with legs elevated and not cross-legged.  Avoid wearing high heels.  When you need to lift heavy objects or a small child, squat down first.  Bend your knees while keeping your back as straight as possible.  Hold the object or small child close to your body, then raise yourself slowly, using all the strength from your legs and not your back.

You may get a pregnancy girdle to help support your abdomen.  You can use a heating pad on the affected areas of the back to relieve the pain.  Some professionally trained masseuses claimed to be able to relieve back pain using certain massage techniques.  Check out for a reliable one before heading down to have a massage session specially tailored for pregnant ladies.

If you experience back pain while in bed, you can use pillows to alleviate the pain.  Sleep on your side with one knee bent and your upper leg supported on a pillow.  When your are getting out of bed, roll onto your side, then slide your legs over the edge of the bed and push yourself up into a sitting position.  Place a board between your mattress and box spring if your mattress is too soft.

If the pain is unbearable or persists, seek help from a specialist.  He may prescribe some painkillers as a temporary measure or recommend special exercises to alleviate the pain.

Backache in pregnancy can make you tired, disrupt your daily routine and spoil the fun in pregnancy.  By taking some preventive and corrective measures suggested above, you can keep backache at bay and enjoy this wonderful period of your life.