How to Raise your Son to be a Good Man

Raising your son to be a man is automatic, but raising him to be a man you’re proud of requires a bit more planning. Today, some folks think the younger generation is too soft and weak. There may be something to that in some cases and it may have its origins in how that young man was raised.

If you think about those men you admire, you will figure out what traits we are trying to achieve. Men need to be strong, especially in character. It helps if they’re fearless in the world we live in today. Men need to be sensitive, not to a degree that there masculinity is questioned, but, sensitive enough to be an understanding father and spouse. Another trait that is important is for a man to have integrity so we can trust him. I see honesty as a very important part of their character again so we can trust and believe in them. A person who constantly lies will not be a good role model, a good father, a good spouse, or a good employee. Man should have great common sense and a steadiness that you can count on. It may be called reliability or maybe having both feet on the ground. Whatever, it is vital. Stability is a well needed trait if we are going to count on him for love, income, and companionship. We need to know he will always be there for us. Men need to have quick wits and great instincts to help us feel safe. A real man is his own man and not easily swayed and does not go along with the pack. The perfect man has a great religious faith and shows it daily not just on Sundays. Sounds like a tall order, but it is possible, I know.

To raise a son to be the above kind of man; we must plan in advance how we will accomplish all this. First take care of their needs as babies and small children. Encourage their independence the moment they display it. Keep them very safe during this stage so childhood problems do not become lifetime issues.

Don’t worry about spoiling them. give them love and coddle them when very young. Gradually, make them a bit tougher and able to stand on their own.

Teach them life is not fair, but you are there to help them through the bad times. Remind them God watches over us and prayer will be useful throughout their lives if they pray seriously and remain quiet enough for answers.

Show them the value of work and its rewards. The work ethic should be established while they are still children.

Do not focus on what they can do, but how they are developing as far as character and morals. Expose them to all you can so they can learn about the world in a variety of ways. Encourage them to try new things and meet new people so they grow up assured of their abilities. High self-esteem will help them grow to a well-rounded man with self- confidence.

Love these young man and guide them in all they do so they know what it is like to be valued and cared for and can pass it on. In showing them what real love and genuine friendship is, you give them a basis for all their relationships.

What really helps is if their Dad is the man you wish them to become but, not everyone is so lucky. Be the best parent you can be and you will produce a son that becomes a wonderful man.