How to Raise Confident Children

Confident children are happier and independent. They can easily achieve success in their life and career. As you know, confidence is one of the most important characters that a person should possess. So, it is important to make your children confident during their childhood. To boost your children’s self-confidence is to make them have the independence of thought, so that they have their own ideas when doing whatever they do, and they can actively participate in this competitive society, a favor to them.

What is the key to foster and boost their confidence then? How to cultivate the child’s self-confidence? Usually, some parents think that they can foster the children’s self-confidence by praising them often. Is it really the case? Is there any more enlightened approaches to achieve the goal? You may find the following approaches effective:

–       Apply Well-based Praises

The traditional and common approach is to praise the children when they manage to do something. However, it is not enough. The praises should be a well-supported. After listening to some empty praises, they will be bored and take it for granted. Therefore, sincere and well-based praises work like magic. When the children have made enormous efforts to finish a task,  give them recognition and encouragement. If the children cannot finish the task, you do not need to praise them. Compared with empty praises, sincere and well-based praises can easily help the children establish confidence.

–       Guide them with Critical Praises

Some think that criticism will stifle the child’s self-confidence. However, proper criticism is necessary. A sincere and concerned attitude is very important, too. For example, when your children write a letter to you, you find some spelling errors in the letter. While praising him or her, you need to point out which words are spelt wrong and tell them the right way to spell the words. When you find there is a sentence in wrong structure, you can say, “if you put it this way, it could be much better.” Tactful ways to express your opinion with praises can encourage your children to do things better, which makes them more confident.

–       Give them Chances to Express Their Ideas

The experts on education have stated that more opportunities you give your children to express their ideas, the easier it is to raise children’s confidence. Don’t let them take the opportunities to complain and find excuses. Instead, guide your children to gradually overcome the difficulties. When they know that they need to accomplish tasks by themselves, they will find ways to finish the tasks, and the accomplishment of the tasks shows the healthy confidence in them.

–       Get Them to Make Their Own Decisions

Some parents let the children choose what they want to do by their own to raise their self-confidence. They are right, for it is an effective approach to raise children’s confidence.  However, take this in mind: proper guide is necessary. Some of the parents may fail in guiding their children to make decisions. Why is it necessary to guide your children to make decisions sometimes? The reason is that the children do not have the reasoning power as you do, for they are still children. Therefore, proper guide is necessary. For instance, your children may want to drop out of school and watch TV all day long. Obviouly, they are doing wrong things. So, tell them what they should do and what is the right decision that they should make concerning schooling. To raise your children’s confidence is not to let them do whatever they want to do.

The above mentioned ideas may be insufficient, but they are the basic things that you should pay attention to. Your children need your proper parenting and guide. Let them be confident and find ways to raise their confidence