How to Prolong your Babys Sleep

There is nothing more melodious than the sound of complete silence. Yes,silence! To receive such a gift, in it’s short moments, is bliss. I belong to an 11 month old little busy body boy who perceives the world as a giant playground. His first words to me are ” stop” and he means it. But mother has a golden weapon to get him to go to sleep: An Air Tight Regimen.

I am a work at home mother, I enjoy the freedom, cash and the dress code. But the main thing I enjoy is keeping my son on a schedule. The best way to get your baby to sleep is as follows:

Wake them up at least one hour before you plan on leaving out of the door each morning for breakfast: same time each morning even weekends.
After breakfast give them 3 hours of play time or let them play quietly to themselves while watching baby Einstein or wonder pets. ( you must be in the background, meaning in ear’s length).

Feed the sweet darling exactly 3 1/2 hours after, feed them lunch. After lunch let them play for another half hour then lie them down with a cool or warm bottle for a nap. Best one is a warm bottle of milk.

After they sleep, when they wake up. Let him or her play for at least an hour, make them dinner, after you feed them dinner, play with them for at lest 30 minutes then let them play in their crib quietly for 30 minutes, now bath time ( always the same time each night), lie them down with a warm bottle, PRESTO! SLEEP.

Keep your baby on a regimen, you’ll thank me when you finally get back into the swing of things. Those nights mommy and daddy or mommy and crew want to go out for dinner, the babysitter will have the strict instructions of the schedule because your baby’s body will be so used to the regimen that they can’t fight long enough to even get on the babysitters nerves.

Their body will tell them ” sleep by 9″ and they wont have a choice but to give in. If you go off schedule, no problem, don’t stray more than 2 times a week or you mess with the magic. Good luck!