How to prevent your children from watching too much television

Too much television, no matter the age, is never a good thing. It is especially detrimental to children. There are direct links to obesity, learning disabilities and behavior issues from watching too much television.

Never use television as a babysitter

The numbers are astounding. Thousands of infants and toddlers are placed in front of a television in a carrier, swing or high chair as parents perform last minute chores. A study conducted by Parents Magazine stated that at least seventy percent of parents with children 3 and under use this practice daily.

Instead turn on some music. Give the child an age-appropriate toy. Bring back the play pen with a secure hanging mobile. Allow them to watch the chores in progress from a safe location.

Never put a television in a bedroom

There is no reason to ever have a television as a permanent fixture in a bedroom. Children should not learn to fall asleep to a television. It can cause issues with insomnia later in life.

Read more books

When we read we use a different tone and cadence. It is good for children to hear and respond to this. It is never too early to begin reading to a child. Jared is a great example of a toddler who has enjoyed positive results from reading with his parents. Let;s take a look at some of his favorite books and how it fills out his every day life.

“One Duck Stuck in the Muck” by Phyllis Root

Animals come by to try and help the poor little duck who is stuck in the muck.  The book is very repetitive and Jared finds ways to use what he has learned every day. He crawls behind the couch. “Stuck in the muck. Who will help?” If his Mum is struggling to get up off the floor, he’s right on hand. “Help you stuck in the muck.”

“Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown

If there is a moon in the sky Jared is going to find it! He loves the book and needs to say good night or hi every time he spots the moon.

“Mars Needs Moms” by Berkeley Breathed  

There was a need for moms on Mars, so Milo’s mother was taken to Mars. He and his Mom learn that everyone needs a Mom. Jared pops up on occasion when a child is crying “He needs a mom, is she in Mars?”  He is quick to share his Mom to solve the problem.  

Get involved in service projects

Visiting patrons in a nursing home is a good activity for children. They are appreciated. They don’t have to stay long and they can spread cheer. It teaches compassion and service.

Introduce crafts

There are hundreds of little projects that can be made with children. They don’t have to be perfect to make a wonderful experience for the child. There is a sense of pride when a child has made something.

Honestly, parents can keep their children so busy doing great and fun things so that there just won’t be time for much television. Plan ahead.