How to Prevent Nausea during Pregnany

It can be the best of times; it can be the worst of times. Although the experience varies widely between women, one almost inevitable side effect of pregnancy many women can’t avoid is nausea.

Most commonly referred to as morning sickness, it is without a doubt the first classic telltale symptom of pregnancy that most people are able to identify.

Now keep in mind this is not written by a scientist or doctor, but a woman who has experienced pregnancy nausea to the worst and fullest. It comes naturally for every woman in my family, so I am well versed on just about every old wives tale or trick in the book. These are my findings collected from personal experience.

The first thing every woman needs to be aware of is that you cannot in fact, take any sort of over the counter pills for nausea, unless prescribed or recommended by your doctor. Especially not Gravol. That being said, there are in fact several tried and true ways of preventing all if not some of those bathroom runs.

The first thing I recommend you do is start guzzling that water. Try to stay away from pop, juice, or anything else sugary or carbonated especially. Water will help cleanse your system, break your food down better to absorb the nutrients, and keep you hydrated. The hydration part is especially crucial when you are indeed getting sick and bringing most of it up.

You may not be able to take the more favourable Gravol, but there is something else you can take. It’s called ginger. You can almost always find it wherever vitamins are sold such as your local drugstore or health food store. It’s no Gravol, but it can really do wonders for your stomach, and it’s completely natural. To be honest with you, it is not a miracle supplement, well at least not in my experience. But it definitely helps, and I can guarantee that if you asked a pharmacist or health store professional, it is the first natural remedy for nausea they will recommend.

Try to stay away from any kind of food or drink with any sort of scent. This I remember well, I ate almost all plain bread, noodles, soup, crackers, and vegetables throughout my entire first trimester. Although the plain foods do help to settle your stomach, I remember every time my partner would cook something with a distinct smell I could just feel my stomach turning, and sometimes I would need to go outside. If you or someone in your household must cook, try to keep the windows open and a fan going somewhere for circulation.

Speaking of circulation, a fan at some point in your pregnancy, be it your first or last trimester or even at the hospital, will inevitably become your best friend. Try to keep at least one fan going or window open at all times in your house, as fresh air is almost essential for anyone suffering from nausea, whether they’re pregnant or not.

Like I said, this information is purely derived from good old experience and knowledge passed on throughout the years in my family and from my friends. Every woman’s pregnancy experiences are different, and although these methods seemed to be very effective with many other women, it may be entirely different for others.