How to Prevent Diaper Rash

Diaper rash; a mother’s nightmare. The red skin, sometimes raw and welted, brings tears to our eyes. As common an ailment as it is, I don’t think we, as parents, could ever get used to them. Even the most conscientious of us, have experienced the unwanted and heartbreaking sight of a diaper rash. Raising three children, one currently in diapers, I have treated several diaper rashes.

There are several ways to combat diaper rashes. The first step is to change their diapers often. I can’t stress that enough. Most parents realize that the number one cause is due to the contents of the diaper irritating the skin. Changing diapers immediately after a bowel movement is crucial, especially with diarrhea. Keeping your baby or toddler in a fresh diaper, by that I mean, changing every at least every 3-4 hours, will definitely make them come less frequently. Your baby/toddler spends several hours in the diaper while asleep, so I recommend changing them as soon as they wake up, before feeding them breakfast or nursing.

Do not skimp. Huggies work wonderfully and fit very well. The store brands can be tempting, at a more desirable price, but you will pay a higher price in the long run. Diaper rash being number one, and the need to change them more often, being the second. I recommend Huggies unscented baby wipes as well. They are gentler on the baby’s bottom and will not tear as easily as the store brands.

Lastly, bathe your child at least once a day and pay special attention to the diaper area, making sure to dry completely afterward. Moisture can easily be trapped in the diaper, until the next change, causing damage without your knowledge.

In the event that a diaper rash occurs, I recommend washing with a warm face cloth, drying, and applying Desitin at the first sign. The ointment will clear it up relatively quickly, if you apply it right away.

Occasionally, diet or allergies can be the cause, so if you find yourself facing frequent rashes, I would consult your pediatrician.