How to Prevent Diaper Rash

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Diaper rash is a nasty thing. The best thing to do is stop it in its tracks. The number one most important thing is to change your baby often. Checking at least once an hour is recommended. Do not allow infants to sit on a soiled diaper. Most parents remove diapers filled with fecal matter fairly quick because of the smell. Less obvious to some is the immediate removal of a wet diaper. Urine is acidic, and as the minutes tick by your infant’s sensitive skin is suffering.

Also, when the time does come to change diapers, be aware that a “number 2” diaper isn’t the only one that requires wipes. You want to get that urine off of the skin as well. It is best to use non scented, hypoallergenic baby wipes. Be sure to pay special attention to all of those baby rolls and crevices.

Another thing to remember is lotion. Lotion is wonderful for diaper changes because it creates a barrier between your baby’s skin and the waste. It can also cut down on the chaffing of diapers around the leg area. Scented baby lotions are alright, but you would not want to use a very strong lotion on your baby’s skin
(NOTE: The use of baby powder is not recommended at all, but especially not in conjunction with lotion. It will create a gooey, bacteria infested mess.)

Another thing you can do is to keep diaper cream handy BEFORE your baby gets a rash. If he/she starts to get a little red around the legs or tush, it never hurts to put a little cream on. This is just one more barrier between your baby’s skin and bacteria.

It is not necessary to wake your child every hour at night to change his/her diaper if you follow these steps. Your baby does need their sleep. However, it is best to check at least twice during the night to see if your baby has a soiled diaper, at least until you become familiar with their nighttime patterns.