How to prevent and treat diaper rash

Diaper rash causes irritation and discomfort to an infant’s delicate skin. It is unpleasant and can be unsettling for an infant to have sore skin. The best course of action is to prevent diaper rash to minimize the occurrence and the severity of it. However, should a rash occur, it can be treated to eradicate the discomfort. Knowing how to prevent and best treat diaper rash can help alleviate the discomfort and suffering it can cause.

Tips on how to prevent and treat diaper rash:

Choice of diapers

Choose diapers that are kind to the skin to minimize and reduce the frequency of diaper rashes. Some diapers may hamper diaper rash and others may be kinder to the skin. Switch to a different diaper brand, or alternatively opt for cloth diapers which are free from chemicals. Finding the right diaper that causes the least irritation can greatly help to keep the skin in healthy condition.

Change diapers frequently

A wet or soiled diaper rubbing against soft skin is undoubtedly going to cause some irritation. Soiled diapers should be changed soon after to prevent the skin from becoming aggravated. Changing frequently and having some diaper-free time each day is a good way to keep the area in good condition to prevent a diaper rash from occurring. An infant can be laid on a soft towel or blanket with a plastic sheet underneath to enjoy some diaper-free time.

Mild baby products

The choice of skin care products can make all the difference to an infant’s skin. Wet wipes often contain alcohol and perfumes which can cause irritation and they can be drying. Plain tepid water is gentler on an infant’s precious skin, and a natural lotion can be used in addition to clean the area when needed. Always choose products carefully, and opt for natural products where possible.

How to treat diaper rash

Even with the best efforts a diaper rash can still occur. If this is the case, continue using the same methods of allowing diaper-free time and changing frequently. In addition, give tepid baths to help heal the area. A drop of olive oil or baking soda can be added to the water to help relieve the skin. Avoid using any chemical based products on the skin, as these can cause further irritation. Ensure to dab the skin dry after bathing and prior to diapering. A natural balm can be used to protect the skin to allow it to heal.

It is always better to try to prevent diaper rash, however, even with best efforts it can still occur. It is perfectly normal for an infant to experience diaper rash at some point, however, preventing it can minimize and reduce the severity of the rashes that occur. Taking care to keep the skin clean and dry and using kind products can help to prevent diaper rash, as well as cure it, too.