How to Prevent Accidents at Home in Infants

Infancy is a time period where many accidents can take place due to not taking adequate measure to prevent such accidents and thus many are preventable. These accidents will vary form minor falls to major incidents such as electrocution, burns as well as fractures.

Parents will need to plan out how they are going to look after their infant without leaving room for at least the major incidence. These measures will vary from household to household and needs a creative mind in order to come up with the best possible solution. Following are some of the basic measures that you as a parent can take in order to prevent these accidents at home.

1. Prevent falls

Falls are the most prevalent type of accidents among the infants and can be prevented to a larger extent if we adhere to following measures.

a) Arrange the play areas and the sleeping areas at ground level

b) Clear the surrounding area in which the baby can move by removing all the furniture, ornaments, toys…etc thus avoiding bumping onto these objects

c) Avoid uneven surfaces that are present in the vicinity of the babies movements

d) Do not leave the surfaces wet as it can make the baby slip

e) Make the baby wear shoes and socks which are adequately fitting and not overly sized.

f) Keep an eye on your baby all the time in his adventures

2. Suffocation while sleeping

A dreadful accident that can happen at times of sleeping would be suffocation due to a pillow or someone else sleeping next to the baby. Being overly protected, sleeping too close to the baby can sometimes be dangerous as without anyone’s knowledge the babies nose can get opposed by someone sleeping close to them. In certain instances even death has been reported by such accidents.

3. Accidental ingestion or inhalation

Another common accident that can occur would be accidental ingestion or inhalation of substances or objects by the infant. The usual tendency of an infant is to put what ever they come across into their mouth. Thus, parents should be vigilant about what their infants are eating and take precautions in keeping dangerous objects and substances in places which are unreachable for the infant.

a) Do not leave objects such as buttons, pins, needles, coins…etc within the reach of your infant.

b) Do not leave dangerous liquids unattended near the infants, especially in bottles or cups which do not have protective coverings.

c) Do not leave the child unattended in places which have the potential to harbor such objects and substances.

d) Prevent any gaseous substances from filling up the room in which the baby is occupying.

4. Burns

Being one of the dreaded accidents that can ever occur, parents as well as the caregivers need to be extra careful in not letting these accidents to take place. Following are several suggestions in preventing such incidence.

a) Do not leave hot water kettles within the reach of infants

b) Do not leave the child to play near the furnace or near the heater

c) Better avoid drinking hot fluids by the side of the infant

d) Avoid placing hot liquids or pans in the edge of the table where the child is able to pull down

5. Electrocution

Seal all the wall plugs in order to prevent the children form poking their fingers into the holes and its best to make use of plugs and sockets with protection. It should also be remembered that broken or damaged electrical equipments should not be used near an infant and parents should not encourage them to play with plugged in electrical items.

If these measures are taken some of the major accidents can be avoided and it will promote broader thinking in avoiding such incidence at different locations.