How to Prepare for Delivery or Preparing for Labor

Preparing yourself for delivering the baby is perhaps the most important step that needs to be taken by a mother. Although it needs no special reference, all mothers do prepare themselves in one way or the other. The preparation happens spontaneously and whether the preparation is adequate enough needs to be seen when she actually encounters the real thing, the labor.

Many moms feel that preparation for delivery is done through attending a class that teaches how to breathe and do a proper push at the time of labor. Although this is 25% of the whole episode, the rest of the 75% is achieved by other means such as self-realization, practice, as well as building insight. These objectives could be achieved by preparing the physical, mental, as well as spiritual well-being of the mothers and some of the methods are discussed below.

1. The physical preparation for the delivery will be seen in several aspects. It could be the ability of the mother to generate a forceful push, ability to bare the agony of delivering a baby, being able to contract and control the body muscles required at the time of the labor by them and, when necessary, to keep calm in the event of things going out of hand.

A mother can practice the deep breathing techniques by inhaling deeply while allowing the abdomen to expand – that enables the diaphragm to expand the lung volume. Similarly, when exhaling, the abdominal muscles need to be tucked in with firmness in order to push the diaphragm up, thus building up pressure within the abdominal cavity. These exercises need to be practiced at least several minutes a day and will enable the mothers to generate a consistent and sustained push when it is needed.

Stretching the body muscles and making the joints flexible would help in positioning as well as avoiding the muscle aches which are associated with postpartum mothers.

Other physical preparation for actual delivery would be to organize and prepare the things which need to be taken to the hospital. Due to the fact that occurrence of labor is relatively unpredictable, these things need to be arranged early and accordingly.

Apart from the above facts, which promote good preparation for delivery, eating healthy foods and avoiding infections would also be important in the delivery preparation.

2. The mental preparation can be achieved by several means. In most instances, anxiety reduction techniques and relaxation techniques will play a major part in a successful delivery of a baby.

Breathing exercises, meditations, listening to music, enjoying pleasant scenery, and reading are all valuable methods in achieving such mental stability and strength. Being informed, by reading, watching videos and listening is another method of alleviating the mother’s anxiety and, thus, the difficulty of the labor process.

Another important factor which helps a mother in building up the mental stability and preparation is the family support and stress reduction at home.

3. Spiritual preparation can be gained by keeping the mind happy and joyful as well as clear from unhealthy thoughts.

By achieving these, the mothers will be able to undergo a successful labor and delivery towards a joyful time of the life.