How to Pick out the right Potty for your Toddler

The process of potty training your toddler can be both exciting and frustrating. While it is a momentous occasion, the developmental milestone of being completely potty trained can be a lengthy process that requires patience and love. Toddlers react differently to various potty training methods and the time it takes to finish the potty training stage differs for each child. With the abundance in potties available for toddlers, it can be confusing to know what the key attributes are in an effective potty.


Because the whole potty training process can be intimidating and scary for toddlers, it’s important to purchase a potty that is non-threatening for your child. One method of potty training for toddlers involves potty time being exaggerated as their very own special time. Products like the Her Majesty’s Throne Princess Potty Chair or the Prince Potty Chair are great for making your toddler feel that they are special and have a chair all their own during the potty training process.


Potty training can be stressful to toddlers because of the pressure to perform on the potty. Potty training can involve a lot of sitting throughout the day, whether it’s timed training or simply getting used to the familiarity of the being on the potty. Choosing a fun character themed musical potty can make the experience more enjoyable for your toddler. Thomas the Tank Engine Potty with Sound is great for boys while the Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty System is fun for little girls.

Easy to manage

While the style of the potty is important in creating a non-threatening atmosphere for your toddler, it’s important to note that the function of the potty is also very important. Easy to manage features like cleanup and pee guards are crucial because of the frequent usage the potty will endure. The Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty has a very functional design that is easy to empty and clean. Also, the pee guard is not a detachable piece that can fall off or be fiddled with by your toddler. The high, attached pee guard is perfect for sitting boys without having to worry about any splashing or messy accidents.


Some potties come with a variety of different features that make for a more functional system. Convertibility components are great features to look for in potties because they allow for your toddler to grow with their potty without having to buy multiple potty attachments for different stages. The Summer Infant 3 Stage Potty Trainer offers a convenient potty with removable pan for easy cleaning and then converts into a potty attachment for a regular adult toilet complete with a footstool for your toddler.

Other functional features to look for are those that can travel well. While potty training can ideally be performed for the entirety at home, you will inevitably have to continue the potty training method outside of the home. Whether it’s a friend’s home, mall or department store; portable potties really come in handy. Features like collapsible potties, handy carry-alls and expandable seats are great features to look for in a travel potty.

Purchasing a potty for your toddler all depends on the preferences of the parent and the style of potty training you are choosing to use for your toddler. While special throne potties may work for some children, others may not see this as a draw to be interested in potty training. It’s important to know your child and what may work for them and then choose a potty that will work most effectively for the end result of having them toilet trained.