How to Make sure your Middle Child Isn’t Left out

Your older brother is the first born and your younger sister is the baby so just where does that leave you? The dreadful middle child! The child who is often shadowed by older brother’s accomplishments and ignored from baby sister’s constant cries. You are the middle child. The child who is there but who fends for themselves when it comes to attention. What can parents do to make sure that middle children all over the world don’t feel like you? Today is your day to tell your story middle child! Cry out for help and make parents understand how you feel!

Even though the middle child is loved by parents it often seems that they are neglected. Their accomplishments are just as great but not as recognized as the older child and everyone knows that no matter how great they are no one can compete with the baby. Make sure that when your middle child does something good or has a job well done they receive the much needed praise and encouragement. If an older sibling had done the same thing or if they have at one point done the same thing what was your reaction? This should be the same reaction you have with your middle child. Let them know that just because they are second to do what ever they did that you are still proud of them. Yes, just as proud as you were 3 years ago when the older sibling did it too.

Spend quality time with the middle child. The older sibling is done out and about, hanging out with friends or working their after school job. The middle child is still home but the parents attention seems to be bestowed all on the baby now. Spend some time each day doing something the middle child wants to do. Don’t make them play alone while you goo goo the baby. If the baby don’t need you while sleeping or playing quite contently on its own play a game, read a story, draw a picture, etc with your middle child. This shows the child that you indeed care for them despite their spot in the middle of 2 other children.

Talk to your child. Let the middle child know that they are just as special as your other children. Make a point to be involved in their life. Ask how their day went, what they learned in school, if they enjoyed the program they just watched on TV, etc. Becoming involved in things the child is proud of allows them to feel they are an important and respected part of the family. Offer to help your child if they need help with homework instead of having them ask their older sibling pertaining you know how to do the lesson. This instills the idea that you want to see the child succeed and will take time to make sure they do.

Just be sure to let the middle child know that they are just as special and loved as your other children. Show them the same love and dedication. If the child has a jealous streak and asks why one of the siblings gets more of your attention be straight forward and honest in what you tell them. Explain to them that it is equally important for you to share time with the other children as it is for you to spend time with them. If you make a point to include the middle child in your time, always be honest when they ask questions, and never waver in your love, attention, and affection your middle child should grow to be just as healthy an adult as any of your other children.