How to Make Labor Easier

Labor isn’t easy, any mother can tell you that. Whether you choose to go all-natural, or have a C-Section, you will most likely experience some version of labor be it the whole thing, or just the earlier stages. However, labor is not something that a woman should fear. She can have some control of her environment and her body to make childbirth more bearable. After nine months of pregnancy and the discomforts of being full-term, labor seems like a bright light at the end of a tunnel to many.

One great way to cope with labor is to view is positively. This is the end of your pregnancy! Your baby will be here soon. Each contraction, every moment of discomfort will be worth it. Many have said this, but, truly once you hold your baby, any pain you felt will be repaid tenfold by the love you feel for your newborn.

Another way to cope is to try to relax. Bring some soothing music, ask to have the lights dimmed or watch a favorite movie. In the spirit of relaxing you can also ask certain people to say out of your delivery room like other family members or student nurses who may wish to watch. Remember it is your body and your experience. If you feel these people are distracting you, feel free to ask the nurses or staff to have them wait elsewhere.

A smart way to cope with labor is to be mentally prepared. Know the stages of labor, know various terms like pelvic station and the various stats doctors may use such as how many percent dialated and effaced. You should also take a childbirth class or watch one on DVD at home. You can also feel less anxious about being a mother by having some sort of  baby care education as well or by learning Dunstan Baby Language. Also encourage your partner to learn these terms so you can both make important decisions in the moment.

A final and best way to cope with labor- Stay on your feet! Many women who feel the pain of childbirth may want to just lie down on a bed and try to rest. Once you lie down in a bed you are apt to be strapped to various equipment to monitor you and  baby. While monitoring is helpful it does not mean you need to remain in the bed for your entire labor in most cases. Ask to get up, walk around. Use a birthball, find a position that is more comfortable. Moving during contractions not only lessens the pain, but makes labor shorter and delivery easier too.

So as your birth experience draws near, remember as a woman you have many options. You have control of many things that go on around you and are able to make your own labor easier on yourself.