How to make children feel loved

Children of all ages need to feel loved, as it is fundamental to their physical and emotional development and well-being. A mother’s love is crucial for a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Mothers love their children unconditionally; however, it is still important to make them feel loved and remind them often. Actions show a greater meaning of love and can make all the difference.

Simple ways mothers can make children feel loved:

Time with mom

Children love nothing more than time with mom, as it makes them feel special and happy. Special one-on-one quality time with mom makes a child feel loved and secure. Ensure to set aside some free time every so often to give undivided attention and affection. This is a wonderful time to bond and connect, and create special lifelong memories. The time spent together can be enjoying a day out, an afternoon sharing a favorite hobby of theirs or, finding an activity that can be enjoyed by both. Time with mom can be doing anything that is simple and inexpensive, as it is mom’s time that is craved, and this shows them that they are loved. Precious time with mom is crucial; children feel special when they get mom’s exclusive attention.

Building a loving relationship

A certain way that love is known is by physical contact in the form of hugs and kisses, and holding hands. In addition, telling children they are loved often, as well as taking the time to compliment them wherever possible will affirm that they are loved. It is nice to be praised and get recognition from mom, as this makes a child feel special, loved and secure. A bond between mother and child is established in the early days, and a loving relationship is formed which continues to grow. It is important to keep the connection strong, and always let children know that they are loved, as even grown children need to feel loved. Spontaneous signs of affection are a wonderful way to show love.

Be attentive to their needs

Children need a great deal of care and attention. They need mom to be there for them at all times, and know that they can turn to mom for anything. It is imperative to be attentive to a child’s needs, it is easy to get wrapped up in other tasks and multitasking is a skill that most moms are talented at. However, children want to feel special and be the center of mom’s attention at times. Sometimes they just want to share time with mom, or share thoughts and talk about their day. Sitting down to listen and show interest makes all the difference, as a child will feel loved and cared for. It is just as important for mom to take the time to listen and be attentive to their child’s needs, as a lot can be learned and important information may be provided. Knowing that mom is interested makes them feel cared for.

Support their choices

Children will make many choices throughout their life, and some may not be what mom expects of their child. It is important to support their choices, whether they are wildly different from what would be preferred. Even if they may seem bad, a child needs to learn and from this so they can become independent and confident individuals. It is crucial to have mom’s support and encouragement. If their choices turn out to be positive and yield good results, show pride and praise their success. However, if their choices turn out to be bad, don’t show disappointment, always be positive and let them know that it’s okay. It is good for children to learn, as not everything can be perfect, but mom’s support will make them feel confident to try. Being supportive to their choices shows them that mom is interested and cares.

Sharing everyday tasks

A good way to make children feel loved is to involve them in daily activities, as they will feel included. There are many instances where mom is busy, and a child may look on wondering when mom will have time for them. However, children can be involved with many daily activities, and can be a great help to get tasks completed in less time, which will free up more time for mom. This is a great way to share time together, and allows the opportunity to exchange thoughts and get to know one another better. Sharing the daily tasks can make them more enjoyable, and children love to help and feel included. This is a great way to spend time together, and lets your child feel needed.

Children feel loved when they are given time. There is nothing more a child cares for than one-on-one time with mom, as nothing can compare with the attention of mom. Always being attentive to a child’s needs, praising, showing affection, listening to them and being there for them will let them know that they are loved, and the love will be returned. Children always need to know that they are loved at any age. A child that feels loved is happy, feels safe and secure and can grow into a confident, self-assured individual.