How to know when your child is ready for potty training

Not all children will be able to let you know when they are ready to use the potty, but they will all have signs and pretty clear indications that they are ready. The only way to really determine weather your child is ready for potty training is by paying attention to him/her. And since you know your child better than anyone, you will be the best factor in deciding that they are ready to move on to this next important developmental milestone.

They can let you know by their actions: Showing you dirty diapers, trying to sit on the potty, and being interested in you or other family members using the bathroom. Taking off diapers when they are dirty is a common sign to look for when determining readiness. Taking off their diapers even when clean can be a sign that they are ready to grow up and move on to the potty.

They can let you know by their words: Some toddlers will actually tell you when they are going, or directly afterwards, this is a very good sign that they are ready.

All knowledge that they are exposed to helps them as well. When your child is mimicking you in other areas, such as cleaning, or reading or other activities they see you doing, that is also an indication that they can copy bathroom habits too. Being aware of and interested in the names of their “bathroom parts” is something else to watch for. If they are saying “bum” and “pee pee”, then they already have some knowledge of what they need to start using the potty.

The same goes for potty words, “pee, poop” (or others) means they know about whats going on with their body. Interest in what the toilet or potty is and does is also a step in the right direction. When they figure out what is happening when they “go” and understand where its supposed to go, they are ready to starting training.

Figuring out whether or not your child is ready to move on from diaper-baby to potty-kid, will not be hard. Your little person will definitely let you know in his/her own way and in their own time. Your only job is to be on the look out for readiness signs, and be supportive. This is a big change for them and can be a little scary. As long as your their to help, the process is sure to go smoothly for your little one.