How to keep your Teenager off the Computer

A lot of teenagers seem to live on the computer.  There are different things that you can do in order to help keep him or her off it, including the following techniques.

Place a limit on it

One method is to give the teenager a certain amount of time that he or she can be on the computer every day.  For instance, you can give him or her an hour a day.  It could be whatever you think is reasonable.  Also, you could tell him or her that he or she needs to get work such as homework or chores done first.

Put him or her in different sports or activities

Your child will not have as much time for the computer if he or she is in some other healthy sport or other activity.  There are many different things that you can sign them up for such as soccer, baseball, gymnastics, dance, etc.  Go by what your child’s preferences are.  Sometimes you could join a center such as a YMCA and get a lot of different things for free or very low cost.  You could also get him or her together with some other kids or a group of neighborhood kids to play sports if you do not want to spend a lot of money.

Spend quality time with your teenager

There are many quality activities that you can do with your teenager that would be instead of being on the computer.  For instance, you could make a family game night, which can be a lot of fun, even for kids of this age.  On the weekends, instead of sitting at home where your children might just play on the computer, take them out to nice activities.  You could go to parks, museums, camping trips and other activities where you spend nice time together. 

Encourage your child to go out with friends

You might want to encourage your child to have positive socialization.  Of course you want them to have friends who are a good influence and you want them to do safe and age-appropriate activities but socialization can be good and might be better for them than just spending endless hours on the computer.  You can also help by driving them and their friends to different places.

There are many reasons to keep teenagers from spending a lot of time on the computer and many ways to do this.  Try the above methods to help accomplish this.