How to keep your Sleeping Baby Cool in Hot Weather

Babies are the most delicate and sensitive creatures of the world. Their body is the supplest skin that needs to be constantly looked after. Babies are the angels in all mother’s life. They are small and fully dependent on mothers. Mothers provide them food, take care of them and protect them. On very hot days babies are the first one to get affected in the family. As babies spend half of the time sleeping, and it’s very necessary to keep them asleep for their growth. It’s crucial to have good cool sleeping conditions. To keep them happy, while doing this very important activity, we can consider the following points.

Right clothing is the first thing to check for. Usually soft cotton is best for the little ones. The clothes should be a little loose and preferable one size bigger then the actual size of the baby. While sleeping try to use cotton based bed sheet and bed cover for his or her bed. In summer choose light colors for any cloth and only printed patterns or designs. The cloth that has any design like embroidery or lots of buttons then avoid it, as this may hurt the soft baby skin.

Right room temperature is another factor that can take into account. To maintain the right temperature keep the cross ventilation’s of the room. Open windows and let the baby have a nice breeze. Fans are better than air conditioners as too much cold is also not good. It’s a good idea to keep a big bowl full of icy cold water in the room to keep the air cool. Another good idea is to make baby take oil massage and then bath and later let him or her sleep. This will not only cool down the body heat but also help him or her to relax. And few hours of peaceful sleep is guaranteed.

Body water level is also crucial thing to look after. If the baby takes in lots of liquids during the day, his or her water level is maintained during the sleeping time. Keep giving water and juices to the baby to save him or her from dehydration. If you see baby being uneasy while sleeping, give water bottle in his or her mouth. They will just suck a little water and the throat will not dry. And surely you may see them falling asleep again.

Hot weather can even affect while travelling when the baby is asleep. To avoid sunburns, sunstroke and heat strokes while driving always remember to keep babies head and body covered. For a little big baby you can even use sun cream made especially for little ones.

Babies are the best gift given by the god to all parents, so take care of them.