How to keep your Children away from Gangs

First of all, know who your child would like to be someday. They are going to be the people that are on the streets someday or even now. The gangs and gang-related attire are well documented at most local and federal sites;,, and city of your,.gov,.org. The fact of the matter is you must look, honestly, at what your child is; watching on T.V., wearing, and what they think is cool. Like it or not information is available 24/7 and we are not capable of managing what every person is doing at all times.

The “anti-drug” campaigns, on the television, are promoting that parents talk with there kids and various other techniques. The message that I gather from the commercialism is if you just talk to your kids they will not use drugs or alcohol. This seems simple enough but what if your child has gone on-line and learned various “lying give-aways” that help them lie better. This has also become a new “just ask and they won’t” campaign that is very similar the “Just say No” ads promoted by Nancy Reagan.
It’s not going to cut it with the gang activity that is reported in the news.

When I was growing-up in the 90’s, a friend of mine, would scoff at these organizations and say, “they are a poor excuse for a family.” Well this is not true, look at how organized they are in “Gang-Land,” or Pelican Bay maximum security prison, in the state of California. has a lot more to tell about this than I am willing to talk about. The information and drug traffic does not stop because of the gang members being incarcerated. They also have extensive files of gang related tattoos and clothing. If a parent where so incline they themselves could find this info too. Are you reading this and looking at that Google-toolbar?

Maybe not, But sorry to say I have been to prison and it is not easy to survive in the mind if you do not have some sort of protection. Either with mussels or wit, which means, basically, hiring someone tougher than you to fight your battles. I had the pleasure of mopping the food-service-corridors of the prison in St. Cloud, MN. This job left me with opportunity to smuggle juice and sugar from the kitchen to the cell-block. It proved to be a lucrative business but I always had to make sure someone was not pissed-off because they didn’t get a drink that they felt entitled to. It happened that the most protection was offered from a particular gang that will remain anonymous.

These children are getting protection that they would not normally get at home from these gangs on the streets of America and other counties as well. Mexico also has a serious gang problem that can be read about at The issue is with the parents not the kids because the gangs are offering better well-being than the parents are not willing to give. This is the truth and if you think that the size of the city matters. The hiarcy in the gang ranks will send people out to recruit these kids that might listen to rap-music. I’m not saying that rap-music promotes gang-activity but it might be a precursor to a much larger desire that the child is experiencing. If you know who your children are, as a person with the same freedoms as any American, you might be able to prevent them from buying a ticket to the big house.