How to keep your Baby Warm during the Cold Winter Months

During the winter months it can be very cold and it is important to ensure that you keep your baby warm and dry. When you have a new baby you can feel stressed wondering how you will keep them warm and struggle to get bulky jackets on them or find it difficult to keep their blankets secure without them being kicked off. It is possible though so do not worry, below are some tips on how to make sure that your baby stays warm during the cold winter months. 

Night time

At night time the temperature in your house can dip but you may not be able to keep getting up and putting on more layers or you may be concerned that you are putting more layers on and maybe it is too much. Well do not panic. Make sure you have a thermometer in your baby’s room so that you can see what the temperature is, you can buy some which are made as decorations that can be very cheap and even get some free in various new baby packs so you do not need to spend a fortune. You can buy sleeping bags which take the hassle away of having to keep replacing blankets. Sleeping bags, or Gro Bags as they are also called, zip around your baby and stay in place so no amount of squirming can lead to them being kicked off. These bags often come with advice on how many other layers your baby needs. You may want to put another little blanket on top if it is especially cold in your baby’s room. Keep other blankets at hand too so that you can easily add an extra layer if it gets very cold.


When you go out your baby will need to be wrapped up warm. Advice tends to be that your baby should have one extra layer on than you do. Get your baby well prepared before you leave the house so make sure you leave enough time! Layer them up, finishing off with a snow suit. A snow suit is very thick and well padded so it provides very good protection from the cold and it covers all of your baby well. You can get these from newborn right up to about the age of three so they are readily available and can cost as little as $15. If you are staying outside and it’s very cold then a blanket wrapped around them whilst wearing a snowsuit could be a good idea too to provide that extra protection. 

When you go inside

Remember that when you go inside a shop or a house the temperature will be a lot warmer and so it’s important to remember that your baby may well need a layer taking off so they do not get too hot. This can be fiddly and time consuming but it is important to do so or they can become uncomfortable and it can lead to sweating and other issues.

What to buy

When it’s winter time there are many items on the market which can help keep your baby warm. Blankets made out of wool tend to help keep the heat in better than other fabrics and so these are good value for money. Sleeping bags in a high tog rating are also good at helping to keep a baby warm especially at night time. Snowsuits protect all of your baby as they cover their arms and legs and have a hood. Buying mittens, hats and booties will also help keep your little one wrapped up warm and protected from the wintery weather.

Inside your house

Make sure that you have your heating on and you get the most out of doing so. Clear items off radiators so that the heat can escape and warm your room, keep your curtains closed to help retain the heat and have it set to come on regularly so that your house does not have time to get too cold this will mean that heating up your house to a nice temperature will not take too long so will be more efficient energy-wise.

Keeping your baby warm doesn’t have to be complicated, if you use your common sense you will be able to do this just fine. Lots of layers of clothing, good quality blankets, snow suits and making sure that the temperature in your house is warm will help you to keep your baby warm in the cold winter months