How to keep the kids entertained when snowed in at the airport

Traveling with kids can be stressful at the best of times. Even for the most placid parent this can cause anxiety. Venturing off with kids can be an exhausting adventure, as they need to be kept happy and entertained at all times. If, unfortunately, the airport is snowed in, kids will inevitably become fussy waiting around with little to do. This can be a nightmare situation, however, with some careful forethought and planning these situations can be kept calm, relaxed and happy.

Here are some tips on how to deal with fussy kids when snowed in at an airport:

Be prepared for flight delays

When traveling with kids it is advisable to be prepared for every eventuality, and every unexpected situation that one may endeavor. The key to a successful journey is to be prepared for the unknown. Kids easily become bored, which leads to them becoming fussy. To prevent a meltdown, have everything neatly contained in a carry-on bag that is specifically designed to keep kids entertained in every possible scenario. A backpack is favorable, as this keeps hands free. Only pack essentials, and pack light. Small portable travel sized items are favorable, as this will free up space for other items that are required to keep kids from becoming fussy. Have everything neatly organized for ease and efficiency.

Carry-On for kids

A carry-on bag for kids needs careful planning and organization to ensure that it contains everything required. Pack a few healthy energy boosting snacks, and a refillable sports bottle of cooled drink. Kids need to be kept hydrated, and often become hungry. Providing them with a few small snacks will help prevent fussiness. Alongside this, pack a few small toys and simple activities, preferably new inexpensive toys, as these are likely to entertain them for longer. In addition, ensure to pack a coloring book and a few crayons, as these can keep kids entertained for a good amount of time. They may wish to choose an item for their carry-on bag, as a favorite toy can provide comfort, however, ensure that it is not going to cause upset if lost, though.

Carry-on essentials

Ensure that luggage is kept light, and that all of the important items are contained within the carry-on. It is advisable to pack two carry-on bags. The first should be specifically for the kids, containing all of the items that they can easily access as and when needed. The second bag should be resigned for packing all the extras and valuables such as money, passports, hand sanitizer, wipes, prescribed medication, spare clothes, extra snacks and a few secret items that can be used to keep kids happy when they become restless. A good item to pack is a book of short stories for kids, as this may come in useful. This bag needs to be organized, and carefully packed for ease and convenience.

Dress for flight comfort

Ensure kids are dressed appropriately for the weather. Layers are preferable, as this gives the opportunity to remove top layers when they become warm. If kids are not kept at a comfortable temperature then this can cause fussiness. Practical clothes and comfortable shoes that they can play in are a must. Layered lightweight clothes that are not restricting will ensure that they are kept comfortable. A set of spare clothes are essential for any unfortunate incidents.

Prevent fussy kids at the airport

Keeping kids entertained, and giving them attention prevents fussiness. Be attentive to their needs, as recognizing their wants and needs can deter fussy behavior. During times where they are pumped with energy, walk around and allow them to explore the airport, as this will give them something to do. Look for play facilities, as some major airports have built-in play facilities. Ensure to keep them hydrated, and keep hunger at bay with nutrient-rich snacks. Make use of the eateries for meals if necessary. During times where kids are starting to become restless, find a quiet area where they can relax. Use this time to read stories to keep them quiet, calm and relaxed.

Being snowed in at the airport can provide some quality time with kids. If careful planning and organization has been adopted, then the time at the airport can be enjoyable.