How to keep Children Amused on Rainy Days

A rainy day can fill many parents with misery and dread.  They know that they face the prospect of entertaining their child indoors and are often unsure of what they can do to keep their children entertained.  However, the day doesn’t have to be as miserable as you would think and the weather should not spoil the time you spend with your children.  Here are some tips on keeping children amused on rainy days.  


Children usually love to help out in the kitchen.  Rainy days are the perfect time to get out the wooden spoons and the mixing bowls and bake some cakes.  The children can also decorate the cakes once they are cooked, so this can keep them occupied for quite some time.  Children find it extremely rewarding to know that they have cooked something from scratch and it gives them a real sense of achievement and pride.

Home cinema

Turn your living room into a home cinema for the day.  Pick a selection of your favorite family films, get out the popcorn and all sit around the TV for the day.  A pizza can also be a real treat while you are watching the films.  You could even make your own before the film starts.

Arts and crafts

Anything that involves making a mess is great fun for younger children.  Arts and crafts are a great indoor activity that will take their minds off not being allowed outside to play.  You can use the weather as inspiration for the crafting activities that you do together.  Painting and collages are fun activities to do together.

Board games

Most houses have board games but these are often stored in a cupboard and hardly ever see the light of day.  A rainy day is the ideal time to get them out to play games as a family.  Board games are great at bringing a family together and getting them to communicate.  You might find that you talk more while you are playing the board game than you often do in an entire evening.  There are also educational benefits to many board games that are an added advantage. 

Step outside

Who says that if it rains you have to be indoors?  Although many adults see rain as the most miserable type of weather, children often love the rain.  Get on your wellies or boots, go outside and splash in all the puddles.  It’s great fun and will make you feel like a child again yourself.