How to keep a Baby Cool while it is Sleeping

Sleeping peacefully during a heat wave is hard for adults as well as children and babies.  Keeping a baby cool while it is sleeping is important as this will give him,or her, a more restful sleep. As a parent it is your responsibility to make sure your baby is kept cool and comfortable while it is sleeping. The information below applies both to their nighttime sleep as well as daytime naps.


Where the baby sleeps will have the most impact on how cool they will be. Rooms in the basement are generally cooler than rooms on a higher level. Typically most parents do not want to have their baby in the basement, but on a hot summer day this might be the best place for them to nap, provided the basement is finished and otherwise safe.

If the home does not have a basement, or it is undesirable to use, finding the coolest room in the home is the next best solution. In many cases this will be a room where the sun does not regularly penetrate and cause the room to heat up.

-On the Bed or Floor

Although some parents enjoy holding their napping baby this will only add heat.  Daytime naps can be taken by placing the baby on the floor where you can see it, as floors are typically cool, you may want to place a thin blanket under the baby.  Otherwise it should be places in its own bed rather than being held. 


A window left open to allow a cooling breeze is a good idea but it must be allowed to flow through. This means you must be able to leave the bedroom door open and have another window open to pull the draft through. The window should be secure so it cannot be opened from the outside. A screen is important to keep out bugs such as mosquitoes, which will surely bite a sleeping baby.


A fan in the room will also help with air circulation to keep the sleeping baby cool. You may want a quiet variety. Some people may feel that the hum from a motor will soothe their baby and help it sleep better but the baby might become dependent on the hum to get to sleep and this can lead to other sleeping pattern problems later on.

-Clothing and Blankets

Your baby does not necessarily need to sleep with anything more than a diaper on. Either use extremely light clothing and blankets, or none at all. You will note that removing socks can have a very positive result on keeping a person cool.

-Damp Cloths

In extremely hot weather it may be necessary to provide additional cooling. Water has a incredible natural ability to make a person feel cool as it evaporates. Putting a small damp cloth under the baby’s head will help keep your little one to feel cooler.


A friendly cat might want to sleep with the baby which of course, will only add heat, and should be discouraged.

-Air Conditioning

Air conditioning should be used with caution around babies. There are some indications of air condition contributing to respiratory problems when over used. Ideally it should be kept as a measure of last resort.


Keeping a baby comfortable will help it to sleep better, use the above tips singularly or in combination to allow your little one the best sleep possible during hot weather.