How to Improve your Teenagers Confidence

Young children can exude confidence, as they explore the world on their terms. Once a child reaches the teen stage of life confidence levels can start to drop for one reason or another. Some of the main reasons why teens lose confidence is because they are at a stage in life where they are trying to find their place. Teens become more aware of personal hygiene and self-image, and many become very self-conscious as their physical appearance is changing. With all the changes and uncertainty, along with needing to mainly be independent for their own life choices, it can put a strain on a teen and this reflects in their confidence levels.

How can you improve your teenager’s confidence?

• The importance of confidence

Confidence is the key to success and happiness. Lacking self-confidence is damaging to a person’s well-being and quality of life. Being confident is important for a person to feel good from within and to be able try hard at everything. This is essential for teens that are at a pivotal stage in life where their character is building and they become shaped into the person they will be. Additionally, many important life decisions need to be made and a teen needs to put themselves out there to do well in everything to be able to get where they are going in life.

• Show interest

Whilst you teen may seem hostile at times due to her changing hormones, it is still imperative to show an active interest in her. You may want to choose your moments and respect her privacy when she needs it. The teen stage is difficult for parents to handle, but equally as difficult and challenging for the teen. Try to be understanding whilst she is solemn and seeks solace. Get the balance right by showing interest and allow her to grow and find her own independence at her own pace. Although she may not seem outwardly bothered by your interest, it really is important to her and her confidence levels.

• Build on your teen’s interests

Find other areas in your teen’s life where you can help build on and widen her interests. Having plenty of extracurricular activities to keep the mind stimulated in a fun and engaging way is a great way to boost morale and happiness. This is important for feeling good and goes a long way towards strengthening confidence. Finding interest in other areas of life that she can flourish in can only improve on her confidence whilst keeping her mentally and physically active and healthy.

• Show confidence

It is important that you always show confidence in your teen for her to have confidence in herself. Showing a belief and being encouraging towards your teen is essential at this delicate stage in her life. Whilst for the most part she is likely to be difficult and trying to push you away to find her independence, you need to be in the background showing courage and confidence in her when she needs it most. A parent has the biggest influence on their child, and the teen years are the most influential stage of life. Always believe in your child and she will no doubt impress you with her efforts.

• Boost confidence

Always address your teen in the right way and be positive towards her no matter what mood she is in. She needs your love and support through these trying years where she has a lot of challenges ahead. Be a positive in her life and always see the good in her, so that she may see the good in herself. In addition, set the example and show confidence yourself. Being a positive person that is a confident go-getter as well as being optimistic and happy sets the right example for your teen to follow. Be aware of the way you portray yourself to ensure you are sending out the right message.

Teenagers are in a transitional stage of life where they are faced with many challenges. There are many reasons for teens to become doubtful and lose self-belief which is damaging to confidence. Teens need to be confident to be able to exert themselves in all that they do and to lead a happy and fulfilled lifestyle. Whilst your teen may seem impossible at times, she needs your love, support and understanding now more than ever.