How to Improve Parenting Skills

Parenting will be the most difficult challenge you will ever face.  There is never a definite yes or no to the right way to parent your child as each child is different.

The first recommendation I would extend to you is to begin learning before you have your children.   Watch other parents and the techniques that they use and judge for yourself how well they work or do not work.   Remember what your own parents did in certain situations that worked for you.   Grandparents are not to be discounted when it comes to seeking advice.  After years of parenting children and then caring for grandchildren, Grandparents are a great source to go to for advice and concerns regarding children.   The wisdom you will gain from other parents, your own parents and your grandparents is going to be much more valuable than years of exhaustion from trying to know it all yourself.

You as a parent will have to acknowledge and accept the fact that each child is different and what works for one child will not necessarily work for another.  The differences in your children is what makes each one so unique and special so don’t try to mold them to be like the other children but adjust your parenting skills to deal with their differences.  Children want to be accepted for who they are and you will be steps ahead of the game, if you will learn to give them this acceptance.

Books are a good reference source when your child has severe problems that are emotional or physical but they should never be your key component for information.   If your child does have a medical problem that is creating some of the issues that you find yourself having difficulty parenting, contact a doctor.  Do not be afraid to shop around until you find a doctor with which your child can relate and who is an expert in the area where the problem exists.   Second opinions should always be sought because this is your child’s welfare we’re talking about.

Life is a good teacher so make use of it.  Parenting is difficult because we care so much for our children and want to offer them the best guidance they can receive.  Accept that you are only human and do not have all the answers.   Don’t be afraid to seek help when you are overwhelmed.    Your parenting skills will improve, if you are not afraid to seek advice and help.  

Good Luck!   Remember this is nothing new but an age old skill that requires refining, changing and improving as each new problem is presented to you.  Go to those banks of knowledge that you will find in other parents, grandparents, doctors, etc… And make frequent withdrawals as needed; this account will never run dry.