How to help Adopted Children Grieve

The pain an adopted child feels is not easy. The child is most likely confused, lost and has a whole lot of mixed emotions not to mention questions. If a child is told from an early stage that he or she is adopted it is most likely easier for them to deal with the fact later on in life.While for another child to find out later on in his life that the parents he or she has known to come or love is not their real mother and father will destroy them. They will probably hate the parents for never telling them.
Adopted children normally have a lot of questions. The school plays a major role. The guidance counselors are very helpful towards these children they help them to see who they are and to accept that they are adopted. They also play a major role in helping these children make a big decisions. Should i or should i not find out who my real parents are?
Seeing your child getting hurt pains a lot but watching them trying to look for a new Mommy and daddy probably tears you apart.However i think that you should try and find out a little background history of their parents before you let your child go seeking them. Know the history of the parent so that you can help support the child when he finds out and if you think that at a certain age the “type of history” will destroy the child’s heart shelter them but not for too long because at some point in time they are going to want to find out. let the child know that you are still their parents and you love them no matter what. Be very supportive of their decisions when it comes to them seeking their parents. Don’t you dare shelter them because one day they are bound to find out and it won’t be easy. These children are going to feel insecure let them know most of all that you love them and will never leave them no matter what. Tell them they are special, gifted wonderful let them know they are privileged to at least have parents even if they aren’t biological.However most of all and the best thing with dealing with a child’s grieve is TO LET THEM KNOW YOU LOVE THEM AND WILL BE VERY SUPPORTIVE