How to have a Happy Marriage when You’re Busy Parenting

How to have a happy marriage when you’re busy parenting?

A woman can be a good parent and have a happy marriage at the same time. We, as women, need to always keep our calendars open to spend down time and a time for romance with our husbands. A happy marriage is made by a woman/man taking the time to nourish their relationship with their spouse. Every marriage needs to have stroking and communication to exist in happiness and to feel complete. It’s up to both the woman and the man to take time to address the needs and desires of their mate.

We are to never put our marriage on a wait period but we need to take the necessary actions to keep the marriage warm, interesting, and a desire to share our time with our spouses. Parents should make time for their weekly date out and they should keep it if they possibly can. They also need to plan an overnight or a week-end out for some playtime of their own. I know many of us end up with sick children or a husband who is snowed with work on their jobs and must be away from home until late in the evenings but we need to be waiting for the times we can be together to bond our unions.

A married couple, or one in a relationship, should take the time every day to communicate with each other over a steaming cup of coffee or tea and discuss their situations and problems facing them. We need to take time to caress our spouses, if for only a few minutes, and allow them to know we love them and we are there for them. When one or the other spouse has had a bad day, we need to caress them and show them we do care they’re feeling troubled and under stress.

We need to show more compassion and love for our spouses and allow them to know the love we have for them is as strong as it ever was the day we married them and we want to keep it that way. Yes, it’s hard to work a good husband/wife relationship in when we are faced with raising a family but “we must.” Our marriage is not only important to us but to our children’s growth as good people and citizens. When we take time for our spouses, our children will be taught how to treat their wives/husbands and follow suit.

Companionship and support in a marriage is of utmost importance to all married couples. No, it isn’t easy to make the time to be together as a couple but we have to make and take the time for our spouses. A person requires to feel loved and needed and they also need to feel joy and happiness as they struggle on a day to day basis in their lives. Happiness makes for a satisfied mind and keeps one interested in their spouses.

Don’t delay take time for your spouse today…it’s important to have a great marriage.