How to have a better Attitude towards your Teen

The teenage years can be very difficult. Teenagers are beginning to find their way in the world and establish who they are but they are not yet grown up enough to be fully responsible and so this can be a turbulent time.

Parenting a teen can be hard work, you may grow frustrated and struggle to cope with the mood swings and the testing of the boundaries. It can be difficult to not have a negative attitude towards them as they seem ungrateful and hard work, however, it is possible to have a more positive attitude towards them and below are some examples as to how you can achieve this.


It is important to not lose touch with your teen. Your teen may have lots of social activities or be busy with home work but it is important to find time in which to talk so that you can connect. Some teens may not want a formal sit down and discussion but you can still find a way to connect in a less formal manner such as by having meal times together where you discuss your days. Talking to your children is vital but in the teen years it’s even more important. If you have the communication lines open then your teen will find it easier to confide in you and this can help you to connect with them which will in turn make it easier for you to have a more positive attitude towards them as you will understand them more.

Share experiences

Spend time with your teen enjoying experiences together. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the routine of every day life, the house work, checking up on homework, running errands can take over our days so much that we forget to spend quality time doing things together. Perhaps a trip to the cinema, a summer’s walk, a shopping spree or any other event will enable you to enjoy the time you spend together and will help you to feel more positive towards them.

Do not react

When your teen is pushing you for a reaction and is testing the boundaries remain calm and do not react in a frustrated manner. Do not automatically shout or shut their ideas down, instead remain calm and give answers in a reasoned manner. This will stop your teen from using their negative behaviour to get a reaction from you. It will help you to feel more in control and not turn to child-like behaviour yourself.

Look for the positives

To help yourself to have a better attitude towards your teen you need to not just focus on the positives. It can be easy to just think about the things they do to annoy you or the things they don’t do which you’d like them to, often when talking with other parents you will find they too complain about things and so sometimes this means all we do is look at the negatives but this has an impact upon how we view them. Instead of picking faults and feeling overwhelmed by the negatives look at the positives within your teen. Perhaps they are very considerate, they always complete their homework, they help you to complete chores. Focusing on positives will enable you to feel more positive and will rub off on the entire family.

Teenagers can be difficult but it is possible to have a better attitude towards them. By spending time to get to know them, having experiences together and moderating our reactions can all help how we feel about our teens. Do not just focus on the negatives, instead realise what qualities they do have that you are proud of and you will soon see your attitude change.