How to handle two different parenting styles in one household

When it comes to parenting, everyone has their own style. The style of parenting you adopt may not be apparent until you have your first child. Interestingly, your style can change ever so slightly with each child, as you come to learn new parenting methods. Sometimes, the nature of the child can influences the parenting style that you adopt. In any case, what happens if yours and your partners parenting style are different? This is a recipe for disaster, and can only make parenting more difficult. Children need consistency and stability. Parents ideally need to be united for greater success.

What can you do about two different parenting styles? There are a number of ways that you can resolve the situation.

The better parenting style

When parenting styles are conflicting it can cause problems. It puts a strain on the parents, as the different styles of parenting can cause animosity. This, of course, isn’t healthy for the relationship, or for the offspring. Parents need to work together to ensure the best for the children. When it comes to deciding which parenting style is better from the two, it can be difficult. Take a look at the techniques and compare them. Carefully consider what you truly believe is the better parenting style that works better for your child.

Decide on one parenting style 

Once you have looked into the two different parenting styles, you can of course do a little research. This isn’t essential, but it may help you understand both of the styles a little better. Discuss what you believe is the better option and what is working better for your child. This may take some time and patience to come to a conclusion. However, it is important to work it out to ensure the parenting style is similar on both sides. Discuss, consider and decide together. Discuss in detail and compare the different parenting styles to come to an agreement.

Be united

There’s no denying that it is going to be difficult to decide on the better parenting style, and one parent is going to have to adjust and change. This is going to take some effort, which will come with belief and understanding. Initially the early stages of adapting are going to take work; however, eventually it will benefit the family. Your child will be grateful for the unity and stability, and you, the parents, will come to harness a strong parenting relationship. The family can be closer and happier when both parents are united.

If parents work together and use similar parenting styles it makes it easier for the children to know what to expect. Different parenting styles in one family can cause conflict, and the child can come to learn to play one parent off of the other. Children need stability and parents that work together to achieve the best for the child. Decide which parenting style works best with your child, and make adaptions where needed. Once the changes are made, the benefits can be seen.