How to Handle a Smart Aleck Child

As children grow older they begin to develop their own personalities and distinct characteristics. More often then not parents should be prepared to handle a smart-aleck. This is the child that always has a comeback. While it is a personality trait and a character, it’s one that the child should learn to control, lest he find himself in trouble for most of his life. In order for a parent to help a child curb their smart-aleck tendencies in inappropriate situations. The parent must know how to spot the smart aleck. Here are a few signs of a smart aleck.

1. The Comedian. Most smart-alecks are, in some ways, a comedian. They will usually always have jokes. While it’s okay and normal for the smart-aleck to be this way, it’s important for parents to encourage only appropriate joking and not encourage the joking to be at the expense of another person. By the way, if the jokes are appropriate and funny, it’s okay to laugh. This gives your child a positive result on a appropriate joke helping him or shape their smart aleck tendencies. Plus laughing is good for parents. It keep parenting interesting and fun plus its good for the soul.

2. The Copy-cat. Parents beware, God has a sense of humor when it comes to kids. Children who are smart-alecks will most likely get it from one of their parents. They will copy everything that you do, and they are prone to make the same mistakes as you did. This also means that if you come down on them too harshly for something that they know you did, they will be more likely to view you as a hypocrite. It’s okay for parents and children to be smart-aleks with each other is teasing tones and situations. However, be careful what you do and what you say, they will pick it up and you are likely to hear it directed at you later.

3. The Smug Grin. Parents, you will soon see that your little smart-aleck has a special grin all his or her own. It’s relatively smug and comes with a devious look in their eyes. This is unmistakable, you will know it the first time you see it. This grin will usually be followed by a retort of some kind that will either leave you speechless, irritated or laughing you butt off.

4. Blunt. Parents be prepared. Smart-aleck children do have a  tendency to be painfully blunt. They will be brutally honest, and usually the honesty comes in the form of a wise crack or a joke. Either way, if you don’t want your smart-aleck to express his or her opinion do not ask them. They will do it and you will regret it later.

These are four typical signs of a smart-aleck. Parents please realize that being a smart-aleck is not a bad thing. Child with this trait are more often honest, straight forward and more popular because of their sense of humor. Your job is to help him or her channel that smart-aleck gene ( that they likely got from you) into something beneficial. They need to learn when it’s appropriate to use it and when they should let it go. Otherwise, enjoy your smart-alecky child because he or she is usually the funniest.