How to get your Tween up and going in the Mornings without a Struggle

Can you think back to a time when mornings were your own?  When you could settle in with a cup of coffee, thumb through the paper, and still have time to preen to perfection?  You can take back your mornings and manage to get your tween up and running without starting world world three…and it’s not nearly as difficult as you have convinced yourself.

Remember the early years, when you could time your child’s sleep patterns within seconds, their hunger within nanoseconds and their bad moods within minutes?  The importance of understanding your  child’s personal rhythm is paramount to ensuring you get the peaceful mornings you deserve.

Routine is key to getting your tween off to a good start in the mornings.  If a struggle is part of that routine, then it will continue until you break the cycle.  The struggle normally starts at bedtime, the evening before, when at eight o’clock your tween is still wide awake and you are shouting for them to settle in for the night.  One solution to this common problem is to actually let them decide their bedtime.  It may sound like a great leap, but you may be surprised at their decision.  If you trust them enough to let them be responsible for setting the time, they will respect it, as it was ultimately their decision.  It shows your tween that you see they have grown and become more responsible, and in turn, desiring more such opportunities, they will do their utmost to see to it their plan works.

Prepping for the morning the evening before is another great way to offset some of the tantrums tweens are known for.  If their clothes are laid out, school bags are in order, and their shoes are waiting by the door, you are going to see your morning atmosphere improve immensely.  At this particular age, the desire to express opinions and make decisions is huge.  Fighting about a sweater choice, ten minutes before the bus arrives, is only going to stress you and your tween both.

Rising earlier in the mornings and providing a healthy breakfast with lots of time to eat and enjoy goes a great way towards making morning quality time with your tween.  It also provides them ample time to actually wake up and start their day on the proper foot, by eliminating the rush and frantic pace many of us try to meet each morning.

Earlier wake up time, later bed time and daily routine?  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  The most important thing to remember is the place your tween is at…one of the most difficult periods in the growing up process.  If you can help them through this time by loosening your grip, just the slightest bit, while remaining a source of guidance and advice, you will glimpse the person they are on the road to becoming.  Your tween may seem to thrive on the drama, but they too long for better mornings. 

By working with the three simple steps above, and allowing your tween to share their own thoughts and setting some boundaries for themselves, you will be on the road to once again enjoying the peacefulness of your mornings.  Getting your tween up and on the go without a struggle is possible, but it will take effort on the part of both of you to succeed.