How to get your Toddler to Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Sugary cereals do not get your toddler off to a good start in the morning. Unfortunately, there are many unhealthy breakfast choices that are popular for toddlers. These often contain a great deal of sugar, which is very unhealthy for the children. In addition, some toddlers have other fat-filled breakfast foods like fried bacon. Parents should, instead, consider other more healthy choices.


Fruit is an excellent healthy breakfast choice because it is both sweet and good for children. Many toddlers will eat fruits such as bananas, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and cantaloupe. Give them one type or make a fruit salad.

Low sugar yogurt

Yogurt can be extremely healthy for children if you get the type that is low in sugar and fat. Greek yogurt is also extremely popular. Sweeten with fruit.

Healthy cereal

There are many cereals that are extremely healthy, providing vitamins like fiber. Try a healthy raisin bran (without sugary raisins). Cheerios and Kix are good options. Look at the ingredients of the cereals and choose one low in sugar.

Healthy French toast or pancakes

French toast is not generally thought of as a healthy food, however it can be made so. Use whole wheat bread and very few eggs. Instead of frying it in a lot of oil, use a nonstick pan with just a little oil. Use fruit as a topping instead of sugar. You can also make healthy versions of pancakes with reduced butter and sugar and whole wheat flour. You will find many recipes for these healthy types of foods on websites such as All Recipes.

Whole wheat toast with topping

For an easy, healthy and tasty breakfast, make your toddler whole wheat toast with a topping. There are many healthy toppings. You could use hummus or peanut butter. Consider a low sugar or 100% fruit jelly.


Just because it is breakfast time does not mean your toddler has to only eat “breakfast” foods. Some parents actually give toddles vegetables for breakfast because the children are hungry and may be more likely to eat it. Your toddler will not necessarily know what is a breakfast food or not, and you can teach him or her to eat healthy foods.

Combine the different foods above to give your toddler a varied breakfast. For instance, he or she may enjoy toast with bananas as a topping. Some toddlers like a routine, while others will stay interested with different items for breakfast.