How to get your teen to help out with the chores

Chores are mundane for anyone, no wonder teens shirk chore responsibilities. However, chores are essential to maintain a healthy and clean living environment. Making chores a family event can make light work of it while keeping on top of all that needs doing. It is actually important to get teens involved, as they will need to carry out these chores independently once they leave the family home. Teaching teens how to complete chores effectively and efficiently is important to allow for good housekeeping skills. All you need to do is change your teen’s attitude towards doing chores.

Here’s how to get your teen to do chores:

Be fair when doling out chores

You cannot expect teens to take on too much, as the chores should be divided between family members. It is a good idea to make a chore rota to make it clear who is responsible for what. This can be discussed and planned at a family meeting. This ensures everyone is aware of the plan and is in agreement with the chores they are responsible for. Teens should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves and keeping their room in good, clean order although do allow for individuality, as this space needs to feel like their own.

Make chores part of the schedule

Teens have a lot of responsibilities and can already feel stretched. Expecting too much more from your teen can only bring a negative response. Take a look at your teens schedule and ensure all of the important activities and tasks have a fair allocated time; after this, add the chores to the schedule. There also needs to be free time for your teen. Chores should take around 20-30 minutes a day. Some days, such as weekends where special events take place the chores can be lessened. Be flexible, but expect the chores to be done.

Show appreciation

You cannot expect your teenager to complete chores happily if there is no recognition. Showing appreciation by saying “thank you for doing a good job” is all that is required here. There is no need to gush and go over the top, as your teen will know this is not genuine appreciation. Treat your teen with respect and say thank you when a chore has been completed. This will go a long way towards making your teen feel respected, important and valued. Your teen is more likely to pick up the slack if he or she knows their hard work is recognized.

Positively clean

Many hate the idea of doing chores, they can zap free time, yet a clean home is appreciated. Remember the feeling you get when the home is freshly cleaned. By doing so, you will feel compelled to whiz through the chores with a more positive attitude. Your attitude towards the chores is mirrored in your teen. If you show dismay and frustration, your teen is going to pick up on this. Make cleaning fun and get into a routine with it. There is no need to spend hours at a time cleaning, a quick zip through the house each day and the occasional deep clean can keep the home clean.

Teens actually like to feel important and a sense of belonging, this is achieved by entrusting your teen to help with chores. Set realistic chores and make them clear. Create a chore chart with realistic expectations. Slot your teenager’s chores into their schedule. This makes it easy for your teen to keep track and knows what is expected of him or her. Always show appreciation for any effort given by your teen and be glad of the help. Show a positive, upbeat attitude towards cleaning and emphasize the good feeling of a clean and tidy home.