How to get your teen to exercise

Teens often need a little help to get motivated to move and be active. Exercise can be seen as boring and far too much like hard work for some teens. However, it is important for teens to get regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. With modern gadgets and devices taking up a huge portion of teens lives it is even more important to get them up and moving. This can actually be as hard as it seems, as teens are reluctant to take part in anything recommended by parents. The very idea of exercise is likely to be responded to with disdain.

How can you get you teen to exercise?

The importance of exercise

Teens are at a transitional stage of life where there are many physical changes taking place. Skin is prone to acne due to hormone levels changing frequently. A sedentary lifestyle also doesn’t help with overall appearance and energy levels. However, teens become self-conscious of their self-image and this can greatly impact mood and general emotional well-being. With this in mind, exercise is important to not only improve energy levels and enhance skin luminously it also proves to improve mood as endorphin’s are released.

How to get your teen interested in exercise

It is all good and well to know that exercise is good for you and boasts many benefits; however, this means nothing to the average teen. No amount of persuasion or educating your teen on the advantages of exercise is going to make any difference. You need more than that to get your teen away from digital devices to actively take part in exercise. You need to be crafty and with this refrain from lecturing your teen about the advantages of exercise or the importance. This can only serve to make your teen switch off and be even more dissuaded. Instead you need to find ways to actually get your teen interested in exercise.

Make exercise mandatory

So, you may not be able to get your teen to partake in regular exercise immediately, however, you can encourage it sneakily. Instead of using the car, walk, as this means that your teen has no other option but to walk. This becomes mandatory and in time can become a way of life. Walking is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise and provides a good way to relieve stress. It is amazing just how energizing walking can actually be. Even if your teen is listening to music, this can only encourage walking more. Make walking a way of life to allow your teen to get some exercise which will become natural.

Computer games

Most teens love computer games and many can happily sit for hours on end playing. Gaming has evolved and now many games involve active movement. Rather than sitting in the same position for lengthy periods, games are now becoming interactive. Newer games actually expect the user to get up and actually take part actively in the game. This can include many different games not just those that are tailored to exercise. Admittedly, sports games where you actually get to swing a bat or throw a javelin are quite addictive and enjoyable, too.

Gym membership

If the funds are available get your teen a gym membership. The idea of going to a gym may be appealing to your teen, as it is seen as cool. Being able to go to the gym whenever is quite attractive. Additionally, your teen has use of all the equipment and can make the most of the experience. Be sure to kit him or her out with all the necessary gear to make your teen look and feel the part. Going to the gym alone can actually make your teen feel grown up. Whilst the immediate reaction might not be positive, in time your teen may come to love going to the gym.

Find an interest

Exercise need not be boring, and doesn’t even need to be seen as exercise. There are many activities that involve physical involvement that can be enjoyed. Ensure not to label these as exercise to discourage your teen. Find out what he or she is interested in and do a little research to see what local activities can be enjoyed. You may be surprised at what you find. Ask if your teen is interested and see if you can encourage him or her to give it a go. Trying out several different activities can help him or her to find a new found hobby that is fun and healthy.

Family events

Take up more active events that the family can enjoy together. Plan vacations where exploring nature, swimming, climbing and being active are part of the experience. Holidays are a great time to get kids interested in new sports, as many of these activities can be continued once back home. Try to encourage more physical activities for the family to try, which can be great fun. There are many different ways to get exercise whilst having fun. Try some of the less conventional activities such as indoor rock climbing, skiing or water sports.

Exercise can actually be great fun and be seen more as a hobby than a chore. There are so many different ways to get teens up and moving enjoying different activities that involve physical participation. Try different things and know when to join in or when it is an activity that your teen would much rather experience alone. Make exercise part of daily life by walking where possible, as this is a good starting point. Once your teen gets active, there will be no turning back.