How to get Teenagers to help with Housework

Housework is part of a normal everyday routine for most people. People with children should have housework as part of their child’s everyday routine as well.

Assigning chores to your children is beneficial in their growing up in many ways such as teaching them they should work for the things they want in life whether it’s something as simple as wanting to stay overnight at a friend’s or a financial gain to buy something special for yourself. It’s important for children and teens to learn nothing in life is free and if there is something you want you should work for it.  This is a very valuable lesson for children to learn as they can carry it on into their adulthood causing them to be hardworking instead of lazy.

The biggest conflict between parents and their teenager is housework or lack thereof on the teenager’s part. Trying to get your teen to do housework is a chore in itself and some parents would rather do all the housework themselves than to fight with their children over it. So, how do you get your teenager to help with housework? It’s quite simple if you just follow a few simple guidelines.

First, you should never expect your teen to do all of the housework on their own as this will overwhelm the teen and cause them to rebell against housework altogether. Then by implementing some sort of reward system it gives your teen the incentive they need to get the work done.

The reward system does not have to be of  financial gain as this is not an option for some families. Simple rewards such as having friends stay over, staying with at a friend’s or going to the movies or skating are all great incentives for getting your teen motivated to help with housework.

Another great way to get your teenager to help with housework is by helping them yourself. Some parents who work a lot of hours expect their teens to do all the housework by themselves because the parents are too exhausted either physically and/or mentally to do any or sometimes even help with the housework. Parents who do this should also expect conflict from their teen regarding housework and should try implementing a strategy in helping with the household chores as well.

This is simple to do by using a chore chart and evenly distributing chores among everyone in the home. The chore chart and reward system kind of go hand in hand and have been proven to work very well especially for large families with a lot of kids.