How to get Pregnant Fast

Getting pregnant isn’t always as easy or quick as most couples want it to be. For some women, the moment a couple try to conceive, it happens. For other women, the process can be long, tiresome, hurtful and very frustrating, but there are ways to help the process along. The first thing to do is understand your body and your menstrual cycle. There are also a few things you can do to help increase your fertility, naturally.

The first thing to do is make sure you are healthy and immediately stop doing things that could decrease your fertility. Smoking, wearing tight underwear, eating unhealthy food as well as taking drugs and excessive drinking. Women are not fertile every day of her cycle and a recent study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences proved that women have the chance to get pregnant only six days out of the monthly cycle. Those six days are; the five leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation. 14 to 16 days after the start of the menstruation is the window but, not all women have a consistent cycle. Even if they did have a regular cycle, not all women ovulate at the same time every month.

Natural Ways To Increase Fertility – To Help You and Your Partner Get Pregnant – Faster.

* Take your temperature on the first day of your period. Use a Basal Thermometer to get a more precise reading. Keep it next to the bed to decrease movement.  When you awake, check your temperature – at the same time every morning. Immediately enter the information into your fertility chart. About halfway through the month your temperature will get higher, this indicates ovulation. Get free online fertility tracking software at ‘Fertility Friend’.

* When a woman is close to ovulation, her underwear begin to get damp because of changes in cervical mucus. The amount, texture and thickness of the discharge will change, depending on the ovulation date. By charting your cervical fluid, you are relying on a very effective method of determining when you are the most fertile. Every time you go to the bathroom, use a clean, dry finger or a piece of white tissue paper across your vaginal opening.

A few days after your period when you begin to see the cervical fluid, it will be white or cream colored with a thick and sticky consistency. During the next several days, the discharge will become thinner, wetter and it will come in greater amounts. At your most fertile the cervical fluid will look and feel a lot like raw egg whites. Douches and other spray or inserted feminine hygiene products will alter the consistency of cervical fluid.  Studies show that 200mg of guaifenesin taken three times a day will make cervical fluid thinner and this can help to improve fertility.

Detect Changes In Your Cervix
During ovulation your cervix changes position and density. When you are not fertile the cervix is easy to reach, with inserted fingers. When a woman is ovulating, the cervix will be softer, wetter and not as easy to reach. A daily check can help a woman realize the time when she is most fertile.

Make Sexual Intercourse Fun

1] The missionary position is more likely to get a woman pregnant.

2] Artificial lubricants or lubricating oils during sex can kill some of the sperm.  If lubricants are necessary, use Pre-seed lubricant – it does not kill sperm.

3] During your fertile time, have sex everyday –  this will give you a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant.  If you have sex once during the ovulation period, your chances of getting pregnant are less than 10 percent.

4] Studies show that couples who got pregnant had sex on the same day of ovulation or during the five days that lead up to ovulation.

5] Even if there is not sex involved, the prospective father should ejaculate at least once each day. An Australian study found that men who removed the sperm daily had fresher sperm, with fewer damaged sperm in the lineup.

6] Get plenty of exercise to keep yourself in great physical shape. This can make getting pregnant easier – for some women – and it can help to make the pregnancy a lot more comfortable.

7] Don’t douche after sex, lay back, preferably with your hips tilted back.

After a few months of practicing the methods listed above and trying to conceive, there may be a better chance of becoming pregnant. This information is not meant to take the place of nor to be used in addition to medical advice.